Syren City have really been on our radar for a while so getting to interview them was pretty awesome. These guys have just released their new EP ‘Paradise In The Dirt‘ and they’ve announced a bunch of tour dates for August. After sharing stages with the likes of Cancer Bats, Don Broco, ROAM and performing at an album launch show at their hometown in Bristol last week, we were eager to find out from Vocalist Simon Roach all about the new EP, the band’s touring plans and more…

Broken Arrow: For those that aren’t familiar with you, tell us how it all began, back in 2011?

Simon: Well me and Ian met online and got talking. We merged two projects that we were involved in together to form Syren City. Now, the end of last year we changed up the lineup, Mat, Josh and Sam joined. A few weeks later we released ‘Burns’ and now we’re here!!

Broken Arrow: You’ve supported a tonne of huge names, including Don Broco, Mallory Knox and Cancer Bats. Who do you dream of supporting in the future?

Simon: We wanna go everywhere and meet as many people as humanly possible to be honest, so somebody who could make that possible. Think a My Chemical Romance reunion would be fun! The guys watched Panic at the Disco recently, that’d be fun. Personally I’d wanna go classic, Nine Inch Nails or Rob Zombie would be my dream.

Broken Arrow: Your ‘Escape EP’ received some sterling reviews from loads of magazines and websites. How did it feel receiving so much praise for your work?

Simon: It was great for us, Escape was a very personal record, so for people to appreciate it on a larger scale meant a lot.

Broken Arrow: You’ve just released your forthcoming EP ‘Paradise In The Dirt’. Do you feel that your sound has developed since the last EP? If so, in what way?

Simon: I definitely feel like this record is different. We approached the writing in a very different fashion. I challenged myself on conceptual level and we’ve taken a few more risks, getting away from the genres that people pigeon holed us in. Doing exactly what we wanted.

Broken Arrow: We read that ‘Paradise In The Dirt’ is part of an EP series that has a conceptual thread. Could you explain what this is all about?

Simon: Without chewing your ear off and taking up your pages, in a nutshell. I’ve written the story behind the EPs as a film and graphic novel. Each song is a chapter, and we’ve split it up into 3 sections, so 3 sets of 3 chapters. Paradise in the Dirt is the first 3 chapters that introduce the 2 main characters and how they meet. We are also making videos for each song that play out the film.

Broken Arrow: Did the praise you got from ‘Escape’ make you feel more pressure to do even better with the new EP?

Simon: Always!! We will always try and top the last release. There was a certain amount of pressure as Escape was well received, however the new EP has so much more to it I dont think they’ll even be comparable.

Broken Arrow: What is your recording process like? Do you all muck in equally or does one person take the lead?

Simon: We all get involved. We are all passionate about writing so things often get heated but its always out of love for the song. We all have strong ideas and we’ll always throw them into the mix. Recording with Todd Campbell at Stompbox HQ is perfect for us because he’s an all round musician with a magnificent ear for things and has his own ideas to throw in too.

Broken Arrow: What do you guys get up to in your spare time?

Simon: I spend pretty much every second of spare time I have writing. Ian and Josh are DJs, this week they are in the Doghouse at Download Festival. Sam tours weekly as a stage tech and Mat drums in a number of projects, he’s like a human drum machine.

Broken Arrow: What can we expect from Syren City for the rest of this year?

Simon: A lot!! We have started the ball rolling, writing, recording, filming and touring! We are looking to visit as many places as humanly possible in support of our releases, we want to get back to a lot of places as well as getting to new places nationwide and further afield.  We’ll be polluting screens everywhere with videos too!

Check out the video for ‘Burns‘ from Syren City:

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