Mixing an eclectic combination of crushing guitars and infectious electronica, The One Hundred have a unique home-grown approach to song writing which incorporates elements of metal, hip hop, rock and dance. Throw in Jacobs distinctively English rap-come-singing and you’ve got a band who will have you singing along, punching the air and screaming for more. They are the real deal. They are the new generation. We had a chat at Download Festival with  Jacob Field, Tim Hider and Phil Kneller about the band, their set, WWE, rap and more…

Broken Arrow: How are you guys today, are you looking forward to your show tonight?

Jacob: Yeah man, it should be good. It’s kind of getting closer now, nerves start to kick in a little bit.

Broken Arrow: Is it your first time at Download Festival?

Jacob: First time playing yeah. We came last year as guests and loved every second of it.

Broken Arrow: So you didn’t think you’d be playing it this year?

Jacob: It’s so surreal.

Phil: Like it’s pretty weird opening for Slipknot. I mean it’s nice of them to ask and stuff. We don’t want to show them up too much though.

Jacob: To be fair, when we finish there is like a half hour gap until they are on so really we are like first on the bill.

Broken Arrow: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us. For those who aren’t familiar with The One Hundred can you tell us about yourself?

Jacob: We are The One Hundred. We mix like every single genre probably imaginable, like rap, hip hop, grime, mixed with like dance music, nu metal. It’s like new nu-metal.

Broken Arrow: What are you inspirations for your music?

Phil: Limp Bizkit

Jacob: We all grew up as nu-metal kids so like Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, System Of A Down, Linkin Park, you know that era?

Broken Arrow: Who are you rap and hip hop influences?

Jacob: Eminem! I was like seven and got the Marshall Mathers LP on tape. I got back into metal music when Bring Me The Horizon released their first album. Then decided to mix them before together and you got us.

Broken Arrow: So what are your plans after Download?

Phil: We’ve got a few more festivals this summer, we’e got NASS, Reading & Leeds and a couple of others. Then we’ve got like a one off show wit the Hell which is gonna be absolute jokes. A pretty packed out summer.

Broken Arrow: Before you guys hit the road, is there anything from home you have to take with you?

Jacob: I really wish I could take my Xbox, I am a proper gamer so when we have to leave for tour I’m like, gotta leave it.

Phil: iPods

Broken Arrow: What’s your guilty pleasure on your iPod then? 

Jacob: His is Michael Bolton

Phil: Yeah Michael Bolton, I love him, just something about him is so soulful, it sends me to sleep.

Jacob: I think the majority of my music choices is a guilty pleasure for everyone that isn’t me, NSYNC isn’t a guilty pleasure because they are sick, so probably like them or Five.

Tim: I listen to Green Day, apparently its not cool to listen to Green Day according to these guys.

Jacob: It’s because you take your obsessions to the next level.

Tim: I do it to wind you up…

Jacob: He doesn’t, he properly loves them.

Phil: Show them your Green Day tattoo.

Broken Arrow: We heard that you guys are WWE fans, so who are your favourite Superstars? As we are too! 

Jacob: Are we talking Attitude Era?

Broken Arrow: Any era!

Phil: Right now Kevin Owens and Neville

Jacob: I’m more of an old school dude,  I liked it when Val Venis and the Attitude Era was around. The Acolytes and D’Lo Brown. Doink The Clown is solid.

Broken Arrow: What’s your song writing process like?

Tim: It’s usually me and Jacob, we start the ideas off, then we will build upon it from there. Once we’ve got a basic skeleton of a song we will take to the lads and say what do you think? Then take it from there until we are all happy with it.

Jacob: It’s a long winding road… it’s long but it works for us.

Broken Arrow: If you could see the creation of any great album, what would it be?

Phil: Chocolate Starfish…

Jacob: Nah see I’d go with something more peculiar like Dir En Grey because they are so weird and random like I’d be more intrigued on how they did it or even say Shikari because they use so many pedals and different techniques and styles

Tim: I’d like to know how Pink Floyd recorded Dark Side Of The Moon as they were on a lot of drugs. It’d be really interesting to watch.

Phil: I’m so glad you didn’t say Green Day then. They play the same three bar chords for every song.

Broken Arrow: We thought he was going to say American Idiot… 

Phil: American Idiot, they actually wrote a different album and it got stolen. They realised it was shit.

Broken Arrow: Tim did you steal it?

Tim: Yeah I stole it… now I’m gonna release it.

Broken Arrow: What would you say is the one band that you haven’t played alongside yet that you would love to?

Phil: Michael Bolton, nah Limp Bizkit.

Jacob: Nah, I’d choose someone like Falling In Reverse just because they are looney. Foo Fighters, Green Day.

Tim: We wouldn’t go well with Green Day. I’d say someone like Linkin Park would be wicked. It’d be awesome.

Broken Arrow: Anything else you’d like to say to the fans?

Jacob: Thanks for liking us.

Phil: Thanks for the support, we appreciate it…

Jacob: This isn’t a Grammy mate…

Tim: I’d like to thanks my mum, my dad, my brother and sister

Watch the video for ‘Downfall’ below:

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