“We treat our shows like full stage productions…”

Broken Arrow caught up with experimental rock trio The Time Framed, to find out all about their unique sound, new EP ‘Chrono Dementia‘ and winning a last minute Battle Of The Bands…

Broken Arrow: For those who have never heard of you, could you tell us a little bit about The Time Framed?

The Time Framed: We’re an experimental rock band who enjoys messing with different sounds, we treat our shows like full stage productions, and like to find new ways to mix different genres of music with rock.

Broken Arrow: You’re described as alt/hard rock – who would you say are your biggest influences that led you to create this sound?

The Time Framed: One of our biggest starting influences were Soundgarden. They had a way to make no two songs the same, their music and lyrics both compel you to think deeper, and most of their live performances showed them having a lot of fun and really feeling the music. As far as experimenting with odd sounds and effects, we draw a lot of influence from Tera Melos, Twelve Foot Ninja, and many japanese rock bands.

“It’s really exciting to get people to listen to something we’re really proud of…”

Broken Arrow: You’ve just released your debut EP ‘Chrono Dementia’ – how does it feel to have the release finally out in the open?

The Time Framed: It’s really exciting to get people to listen to something we’re really proud of. It drives us more to want keep putting out new music and show people something that isn’t the norm, such as concept driven EPs.

Broken Arrow: What has the response been like from fans so far about the EP?

The Time Framed: It’s been really great. A lot of people have expressed their interest and enthusiasm for us after listening and some of the best comments we’ve had were about how our music sounds different from anything they’ve heard and is creative and makes them stop to pay more attention to it than others songs.

“The UK has been on our radar for a while now. We’re hoping within the next year to make it a possibility…”

Broken Arrow: What was the recording process like for the EP? Did one person take the lead or was it more of a collaborative effort?

The Time Framed: It was a lot of fun! It was mostly a collaborative effort, which helps when your drummer is the recording engineer. We all were able to put our input equally into what we wanted out of the recordings and how to put the EP together cohesively.

Broken Arrow: Any plans to come over and tour the UK?

The Time Framed: Definitely. We’re starting to branch out from our own area, and the UK has been on our radar for a while now. We’re hoping within the next year to make it a possibility.

Broken Arrow: Can you tell us about any surreal experiences you’ve had as a band?

The Time Framed: We’re not sure how surreal this is, but it’s definitely a moment to note. Just the other day we were prepping for our normal band practice and were asked if we wanted to do a battle of the bands event that night. Figuring it would be good for practicing our strong set and stage presence, we decided why not?! We ended up playing and won the event!

Broken Arrow: If you could share a stage with any band/artist – who would it be?

The Time Framed: We would love to share the stage with Nothing More, Tera Melos, Twelve Foot Ninja, even Switchfoot.

Broken Arrow: Lastly, do you have anything in the pipeline for 2018 so far?

The Time Framed: We’re looking at some more shows, more recordings coming out, and to start doing short-run tours to prep for larger tours and generate buzz in other areas.

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