Today, rock quintet Those Who Knew release their debut EP ‘New Perspective‘.  Their current single and opener ‘Losing Touch‘ has solidly racked up keen support from BBC Introducing and is already a firm crowd favourite. We caught up with the band to discuss the new EP, influences and who the band are itching to share a stage with…

Broken Arrow: For those who haven’t heard of you, please could you tell us a little about Those Who Knew?

Those Who Knew: Sure! We are a Nottinghamshire based rock/pop band formed in 2015 consisting of five members:

Vocals: Danny Graves
Drums and Backing Vocals: Emily Hall
Bass: Joe Miller
Rhythm Guitar: Jordan Toal
Lead Guitar: Danny Peet

We started out by playing covers in local venues but eventually began writing our own material and playing in venues up and down the UK. Towards the end of 2016 we recorded our upcoming EP and released our debut single ‘Losing Touch.’ Now we’re leading up to the release of our debut EP ’New Perspective’ on April 28th.

Broken Arrow: Starting off with the new EP ‘New Perspective’, how was the process of making this awesome little package of tunes?

Those Who Knew: We really enjoyed it, but it wasn’t without setbacks. Originally, we recorded a three song EP at another studio and poured so much time and effort into it, on the last day of recording our vocalist Danny Graves managed to fall down some stairs before recording and we were unable to finish the tracks in the time that we’d booked the studio. As a result, we had to wait until the studio was available again, and after a month or so we managed to get back in and finished the EP. Unfortunately, when we got the final version of the EP back, none of us were 100% happy with the results. With this we decided record it all again with an extra song at another studio, thankfully the tracks sounded just how we wanted this time!

Broken Arrow: Who would you say influenced you the most during the writing process?

Those Who Knew: It’s hard to direct this to any one person as the songs are written from different band members points of views about different topics. I’d say a couple of bands that influenced our sound would be Paramore and Deaf Havana.

Broken Arrow: You recorded it with Matt O’Grady, who is known for his collaboration with the likes of Don Broco and You Me At Six, how was that experience?

Those Who Knew: Working with Matt was great, he brought out the best in the songs! Matt’s studio is in Surrey, so we traveled down stayed in an apartment for the week that we were recording the EP, and spent nearly all our time in the studio. At this point we’d already recorded the songs once before so for the most part we knew what we wanted from each song and what we didn’t want, but Matt really helped us pull the songs apart and shape them to be the best they can be.

Broken Arrow: You’ve been performing a fair bit over the last few months, what’s been your best experience?

Those Who Knew: Playing at Donington Park a few weeks ago was great, it was an amazing atmosphere, the crowd were fantastic. They’re having us back at the end of the month!

Broken Arrow: Which UK festival bill would you love to see your name on in the future?

Those Who Knew: I think realistically this year we’d love to play at YNOT festival, but next year we’d love to get a slot at Reading/Leeds Festival.

Broken Arrow: Which bands would you love to share the stage with?

Those Who Knew: I imagine there would be a lot of variance in opinion on this one from each band member, but fitting in with the genre of music we play and my personal taste I’d love to share a stage with Deaf Havana or Lower Than Atlantis. They’re both massive influences on me musically and I think you’ll hear that through the EP.

Broken Arrow: Similarly, are there any unvisited venues or countries you’re itching to get and perform at?

Those Who Knew: The Cavern Club in Liverpool is one we’ve spoke about as a band, obviously, it’s a renowned venue with a great history, it would be a fantastic experience to perform there. More locally we’d love to play Rock City in Nottingham, I think for all of us growing up we’ve seen a lot our favourite bands play there.

Broken Arrow: So once ‘New Perspective’ is released to listeners in a couple of weeks, what’s the next move for Those Who Knew?

Those Who Knew: We have ton of shows coming up after the release so keep an eye out for them. We’ve also started working on new material already and have about four new songs in the works as we speak, so expect even more new music in the coming year!

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