All female quartet , Young States take their cues from the rougher side of mid 00s rock. About to release their upcoming second EP ‘Past Truths | Present Lies‘ which is set for release on September 29th and having already been featured on Kerrang!Scuzz and Rock Sound already, the Norwich band are gearing up to hit new heights…

Broken Arrow: For those who have never heard of you, could you tell us a little bit about the Young States sound?

Young States: We are a 4-piece all female, melodic-alternative rock band from Norwich.


Broken Arrow: Which artists would you say have been your biggest musical influences in shaping this sound?


Young States: Brand new, Mallory Knox, Arcane Roots.


Broken Arrow: You met at music school. Amy, we’ve heard it was you that approached the other girls. Were you nervous about whether they would want to join you or not?


Amy: I wasn’t as such, just excited to see if they would want to be involved in something new. It was really cool that they just so happened to all play different instruments.

“I aspire to be able to somehow pass this message on to people who may follow our band…”

Broken Arrow: You girls are passionate about being an all-girl group – as there aren’t enough out there. Do you have any strong female influences – music or non-music related?


Georgia: I find a lot of inspiration in Demi Lovato with her presence and her message of being confident and owning yourself. A lot of women and girls are made to feel low about themselves because they don’t look like how the media is telling them to look/act/feel, and having such a strong message to empower them to feel comfortable in their own skin is so important. I also get a similar vibe off Halsey,  she’s just so cool and owns everything she does and doesn’t give a shit who doesn’t like it because she’s doing it for her and that’s all that matters. These are qualities I really admire in them as role models to so many young and impressionable women, and I aspire to be able to somehow pass this message on to people who may follow our band.


Broken Arrow: You’re soon to release new EP ‘Past Truths | Present Lies’. What can fans expect from the new EP in comparison to your debut ‘Down To You’?


Libby: I think Past Truths | Present Lies shows our sound mature a lot more. When we wrote our debut EP, when were still in college and Georgia was only just 18. We have grown into a sound that tests our writing and playing abilities a lot more, whilst experimenting with different sounds and song writing approaches.


Broken Arrow: What was the recording process like for the EP? Did one person take the lead or was it a joint effort?


Libby: It was 10 days all cramped in a shitty travel-lodge room/dark studio. The recording side of it was a band effort, I think at some point or another through recording, we all had final say on something. It was interesting to experience putting the songs through pre/post-production and getting to add elements to our music we had never had the opportunity to try before. Molly our drummer particularly put a lot of effort in completing need for speed on the Xbox whilst in the studio, to this day it’s one of her most humbling achievements.

“I think we all agree having our debut EP reviewed in Kerrang! Magazine was pretty incredible. I still have my copy!”

Broken Arrow: You recently revealed new single ‘Over It By Now’. What’s it all about?


Georgia: The song’s about an experience I had a couple of years ago with one of my close friends at the time, we both liked each other and showed it, but he messed me about when they decided to be with someone else. I obviously still cared about this person and didn’t want to lose the friendship we had so internalised all the upset, and stupidity I felt thinking it could actually work. So this person never knew how I truly felt about the situation. It took me a while to get over and the lyrics are me venting all these feelings I never really expressed.


Broken Arrow: You’ve just announced some UK shows in October. Is there anywhere you’re particularly looking forward to playing?


Georgia: I’m really looking forward to playing Manchester, we’ve only played there once before but the vibe was awesome and it’ll be cool to hopefully experience that again, but just to be on the road is exciting enough!


Broken Arrow: What’s been your most surreal moment so far as a band?


Georgia: I think we all agree having our debut EP reviewed in Kerrang! Magazine was pretty incredible. I still have my copy!


Broken Arrow: Lastly, what can we expect from Young States for the rest of 2017?


Libby: Plenty of shows to come out and see us at, as well our sophomore EP coming out late September. We’ll have new videos out, so keep your eyes peeled!


Check out the video for ‘Over It By Now’ below: