Today marks the start of an exciting chapter for York’s InVisions, who announced the release of their self-released debut album ‘Never Nothing’ on 18th August. Kickstarting with new video ‘Purge’, the track showcases a darker side to the band’s high octane, infectious breed of metalcore.

Guitarist, Luke Gabb says, “Purge was actually the last song we recorded for the album. We were right at the end of the recording process when we wrote it, so it almost never even happened. It’s about feeling numb to the everyday things that are happening around you and needing to find a way to release yourself from the emotional void. In this case, causing extreme pain to another just to try and feel something yourself”

‘Purge’ follows the previous single ‘Turn Up’, which premiered with Rock Sound and saw spins from Kerrang! Radio . Debut album ‘Never Nothing’ was produced by brothers Sam and Joe Graves of York’s InnerSound Studios (Asking Alexandria, Deaf Havana, Eyes Set To Kill). Encompassing ‘Purge’, the title stems from the tendency to keep up appearances and hide inner demons.

Guitarist, Alex Scott says, “‘Never Nothing’ is a theme that is lyrically consistent across the album. Almost every song relates to how everybody hides behind a front but actually, there’s so much more going on. People in today’s society love to pretend that they’re immune to any extreme of emotion when in reality that is never the case.”

Tracklist for ‘Never Nothing’

1. Torment
2. Turn Up
3. The Haunting
4. For What It’s Worth
5. The Damaged Ones
6. Faced By A Stranger
7. Serenity
8. Soul Seeker
9. Hate Me (Forsake Me)
10. Purge
11. Faith In Another
12. Illusionist

With deep roots in the York music scene from previous bands, the demise of these projects led to the formation of
InVisions in early 2016 with a collective vision to create hard hitting, adrenaline-fuelled, heavy music. Jumping in at the deep end, the band hit the rehearsal room to craft the foundation for their sound. Now armed with a trophy cabinet of songs to unleash on an unsuspecting world, and gearing up for a UK tour in July, InVisions are ones to watch.

3rd June – Seddfest, Bolton
14th July – Finns Bar, Weymouth
15th July – Cobblestones, Bridgewater
16th July – The Booth Hall, Hereford
20th July – Subside, Birmingham
21st July – O’Riley’s, Hull
22nd July – Temple Of Boom, Leeds
23rd July – The Sitwell Tavern, Derby

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