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Have a listen to: "The Truth Will Set You Free", "Perpetually Doomed: The Sisyphean Task" and "D.A.B.D.A. State of Discomposure"

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Ion Dissonance – Cast The First Stone

Release Date: 18th November 2016
Good Fight Music

It’s been six years since Ion Dissonance last released new material, with many unsure of what the band was going to do next. So now they return with their new album, ‘Cast the First Stone‘, once again Antoine Lussier (guitarist) is back as the head of production for the album. I think Metal Sucks described it perfectly, “one of the most intense albums of 2016, period.” And well, they’re not half wrong.

The album kicks off with what I can only describe as a song that makes me feel like I ran face first into a wall of pure metal, ‘Burden‘ is a beast of a track made of pure aggression and crazy melodic mathcore (I never thought those words would go together in a sentence) and it perfectly introduces listeners to what is in store for them; a nightmarish ride into Canada’s most brutal band.

We suddenly drop into ‘The Truth Will Set You Free‘, and let me just say, that’s an intense second track. This song is all over the place with what I can only describe as chaotic riffing with a back line that can’t keep itself still, with it’s crazy energy leading us throughout. This is the track for the pit. Its natural pace makes you want to throw your fists around and sprint in a sweaty circle surrounded by guys with a violent bloodlust in their eyes. Oh, and then there’s the breakdown, hold onto your hats because this breakdown will hit you harder than anything you’ve ever heard.

The third track ‘To Expiate‘, is when this album shows something new from Ion Dissonance, a far more Djent-like track than previously heard from the band that has feelings of Rings of Saturn and Born of Osiris within it, with bizarre melodic riffs that just shred faster than a monkey on drugs all being held together by dirty basslines and hectic beats to build up.

The drop into ‘To Lift The Dead Hand of The Past‘ sets a tone for what is one of the strangest sounding metal tracks I’ve heard, the use of wailing melodic chords interspersed among a riff that’s heavier than Meshuggah’s wildest dreams; as a listener it’s easy to find yourself lost in the maze of breakdowns and blast beats but if you let yourself fall into it, you start to see where the lovers of ID are coming from.

Untitled II‘ is a track that helps to slow down the chaotic build up we’ve gone through so far during this album, a track that adds as a break in the middle to help the listener recollect their thoughts, pick their eardrums up off the floor and get ready for what comes next.

I hope you managed to get yourself back in shape, because ‘Suffering: The Art of Letting Go‘ is about to hit you and it isn’t pulling any punches with its Deathcore stylings & madman anger mashed with melodies & breakdowns. Words fail me when I try to describe just how heavy this track is because simply put, I’ve not heard anything quite like this truly original track that is a stand out number on this album.

Ill Will‘ is a track that definitely feels like a release of pure rage and hatred, unleashed like a rabid dog onto the album to just show than Ion Dissonance most definitely can be just another Deathcore band, here’s the proof.

If there is one thing to love about ‘D.A.B.D.A. State of Discomposure‘, it’s the fact that this song is no standard run-of-the-mill Deathcore track, simply put its Ion Dissonance showing true talent as musicians. There are moments of this track reflective of Lamb of God mixed into this new age Mathcore music, it’s a strange mixture that works well in ID’s favour as it shows that they’re versatile and able to write in more than one style as well as throwing in a flashy guitar solo for good measure.

Treading On Thin Ice‘ is where we find ourselves now on this dissent into the heavier side of life, it really is a wonderful life. But I digress, this track throws us right back into what we’ve come to know as we’ve gone through, but it does manage to stand out among the rest with a slower feeling with some brutally fast sections in there for good measure to ensure that fans get what they came for. A special mention has to go to this track’s mental breakdown, a breakdown that really ought to be longer but when it’s there it really is damn good.

Virtue‘ is the track on this album that fails to stand out amongst the flock, it’s by no means a bad song but Cast The First Stone up until this point has been a rather original album with each track having something that makes it more than what other Mathcore/Deathcore bands put out there. That said, this song is still a perfect example of what Deathcore is, brutally heavy and coming at you like a freight train nonstop.

‘Perpetually Doomed: The Sisyphean Task is a perfectly violent way to end an album, a face paced track but instead of going full on death it introduces melody and chorus-like sections to a genre that normally would steer clear of anything along the lines of logical structures. A very brutal ending of a very brutal album. Well played, Ion Dissonance.

Cast The First Stone will be released via Good Fight Music on November 18th. This album is made by Deathcore fans, for Deathcore fans. If you like it hardcore, check this album out for sure.

For fans of: Thy Art Is Murder, Born of Osiris, Ingested