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Have a listen to: "Pop Punk Pizza Party"

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Jarrod Alonge – Beating A Dead Horse

Release Date: 26th May 2015
Available on iTunes

For those of you who don’t know Jarrod Alonge, he is the Youtuber who invented the ‘Every Pop Punk Vocalist‘ videos and similar videos for other genres such as metalcore and hardcore, ripping into the clichés of the genres. Alonge took it a step further by making a piss take song called ‘Pop Punk Pizza Party‘ under the name of his made up band Sunrise Skater Kids. In this song he rips into how pop punk love kids love summer, pizza and their friends, their parents don’t understand them and they hate their town.  This sounds like all pop punk songs in one to me.

Fast forward a year and Jarrod Alonge has decided to take it up a notch by creating a full on satire album called ‘Beating a Dead Horse‘, featuring more rips into several genres with more made up bands. Chewed Up rips into hardcore (or mostly rips off The Ghost Inside). Amidst The Graves Demons tears into metalcore, Vermicide Violence are a deathcore band and are as brutal as possible with a track called ‘Inconceivable Somatic Defecation‘. Canadian Softball clearly steals the name from American Football and takes a very melodramatic swipe at modern post-hardcore. Rectangles are a fake British Djent band and $wagCh0de are a pure piss take of Crunkcore – as if that didn’t already take the piss out of itself.

Sunrise Skater Kids take a shot at being like A Day To Remember with ‘Take It Easycore‘ – pop punk with breakdowns and harsh vocals – while still singing about the weekend, partying and emphasising about having lots of friends. Whereas $wagCh0de’s song ‘2 Freaky for Da Club‘ sounds almost like a track MC Lars would make whilst ripping to Crunkcore. It contains lots of beats, more piss taking about partying in rather annoying accents, referencing G6, joints, Gucci and more clichés from the “Lad” and “glow stick” culture.

Hey Jarrod, What’s That Song?‘ Is easily the funniest track on the album – a “balls to the wall” parody song about stealing from other genres. Amidst the Graves Demons essentially steals certain parts of other bands songs on purpose and changes the lyrics to gloat about stealing them. Initially my ears pricked when it started off exactly like Underoath‘s song ‘Writing On The Walls‘, changing the words from “why don’t we sit right here for half an hour” to “Why don’t we rip you off for half an hour” and they don’t let up the entire way through as they tear into the likes of Asking Alexandria, A Day To Remember, The Ghost Inside, and even Bring Me The Horizon by changing “this is sempiternal” to “this is plagiarism”.

Let’s face it, ‘Beating A Dead Horse‘ was always going to be hilarious and awful at the same time with its over the top cliché references of particular genres. As long as you don’t take the album too seriously, ‘Beating A Dead Horse‘ is a decently amusing album, however some of the jokes do wear off a little too quickly.