After two highly successful music videos ‘Daimon‘ and ‘Tornekratt‘ from their Norwegian Grammy award winning album ‘Profan‘, Kampfar have made an untraditional move and created a video for a song from a previous album, namely the ‘Mylder‘ track off of companion album ‘Djevelmakt‘.

Check out ‘Mylder‘ here:

“We never managed to promote this album as well as the latter one, mainly because of complications when putting together tours, and when we so quickly went in and wrote and recorded ‘Profan’ and the just as fabulous ‘Djevelmakt’ did not get it’s fair share of attention. Seeing as this song is a mainstay in our live set, a statement of everything that Kampfar represents as one of the leaders of Norwegian Black Metal in this age, we felt the need to visualize it and create something unique in this time of low budget music videos.” – Ask Ty, Kampfar

Developed together with the duo Marcin Halerz and Maja Makarewicz of Red Pig Productions, the band again traveled to Krakow, Poland to film their scenes. Based on core ideas behind their three latest albums, and scetched out by the band themselves, the video was put together to reflect the visions of both band and filmmakers.

After a successful headlining performance at Norway’s by:Larm black & Wales’ Hammerfest, Kampfar are ready for more!

Tour dates:
08. April  RCA Club – Lisboa (POR) – Event & Tickets
09. April – Cave 45 – Porto (POR) – Event & Tickets

Kampfar will perform on several festivals this summer, such as Ragnard Rock Festival (FR), Dark Bombastic Evening (RO) & Wolfszeit Festival (DE).

Expect an active fall, with dates that will soon be announced!

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