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Have a listen to: "Hell Comes Your Way" and "Sick In The Head"

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King Parrot – Dead Set

Release Date: 15th May 2015
Housecore Records/Agonia Records
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After releasing their first EP ‘The Stench of Hardcore Pub Trash‘ in 2011 independently, and their first LP ‘Bite Your Head Off‘ via Candlelight Records, Australian metallers King Parrot have found a home in New Orleans, with Down/Ex-Pantera Frontman and Housecore Records head-honcho Phil Anselmo taking the helm as producer along with Michael Thompson.

Opening with a 01:35 belter ‘Anthem Of The Advanced Sinner‘, that feels like a 2 and a half minute thrash fest, King Parrot bring the tenacity and fury other metal bands aren’t bringing – at least on a commercial level. Uncompromising screaming vocals and blast beats, these guys are trying to desecrate your ear canals in a style other bands are trying to avoid. This is unrelenting, truly brutal, extreme and unsettling metal. Boy, was it missed.

Hell Comes Your Way‘ has a stripped back 80’s Black Metal verse with a bombastic punk rock chorus and a tempo that will keep your head nodding constantly throughout the track. Fuck it – the whole record is gonna have you doing various head bangs at the very least.
Other standout tracks have to be ‘Sick In The Head‘ for it’s catchy chorus riffing and vocal line. ‘Punisher‘ has a belter of an intro throwing the song through sporadic composition and there are choppy drums throughout.

Vocalist Matthew Young’s singing style clearly has varied influences, ranging from high pitched squealing to low, rumbling, guttural roars. The guitars from Ari White and Andrew Livingstone-Squires are varied enough to keep the record listenable, but there is nothing that doesn’t sound like a variation of a band that preceded them. There’s nothing wrong with that but at times it can be a bit derivative – almost stagnant.

The album carries a varied pace all the way through, going through the motions between Grindcore, Death metal and Hardcore riffing. The album does all the talking for itself – there are no pretensions to these individuals. Every song is out for blood, never coming up for a breath of air. Although the tone can get a bit stagnant the album never loses it’s ferocity. The overall master of the album has a great quality to it. It’s incredibly clear, but not overproduced and still retains the rawness you’d expect to here in a band like this.

To be clear, if you like your metal with some clean vocals and easy, catchy hooks and melodies then King Parrot are not for you. This is extreme metal in it’s purest form, which is hardly surprising, with heavy metal legend Phil Anselmo co-producing the record and releasing it via his record label. Extreme metal like this is very niche, and in a world where metal is a little more accepted in the mainstream (provided you compromise on a radio friendly melody and strip back the harsh vocals), but King Parrot are clearly not about this. After winning their first accolade this year at Metalhammer Golden Gods for Best New Band, you better get used to seeing King Parrot‘s name more and more, possibly paving the way for more younger extreme metal bands. Time will tell, but for the here and now, King Parrot are going to keep writing crushing metal records. Here’s hoping they continue this upwards trajectory!