Pop-punk band, Knuckle Puck, have partnered with Rock Sound to premiere their new track,’Pretense‘.

The track is the third single off the band’s debut full length, ‘Copacetic‘, out July 31st 2015 via Rise Records.

Listen to ‘Pretense‘:

Fans can pre-order the album, as well as watch the video for ‘Disdain‘ here: http://knucklepuck.merchnow.com/.

The name, ‘Copacetic‘, was plucked from a lyric on the album’s sprawling 7-minute closing track, ‘Untitled‘. ‘Copacetic‘ is a title that might sound vaguely beatnik, but it’s entirely applicable to the charge set forth on the album’s 11 songs.

“When we thought of the album title, we thought it was a way to say, ‘OK, here’s an album of things I’m upset about and hurt over,’” says guitarist Nick Casasanto. “But at the end of the day, everything’s fine, everything’s copacetic, because you have to look at what you do have. I think it’s important, especially in this scene, not to magnify depression and wear it like a badge. You should use music to feel better.

Copacetic‘ will be released July 31st 2015 via Rise Records.

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