London’s Lullaby are just getting started but have already found their niche with a unique brand of fast-paced melodic rock. Their unforgettable hooks will be ringing in your ears for days and the energy of their potential live prowess is palpable.

The band will play their first gig on 1st December at Camden Assembly, supporting Hunter and The Bear. Lullaby have also just revealed their first single ‘A Lie’.

Vocalist and guitarist Lewis Knaggs says of the composition

“The riff of this track was born from playing a completely out of tune guitar, which is why it’s so angular, random and frantic sounding. This inspired the birth of the song and set the foundation for the rest of the tune. Lyrically it’s a journey through trying to understand your own mind, whilst also trying to work out how to be with someone else, who expects you to be what they want you to be.”

a lie

You can stream ‘A Lie’ on Soundcloud here.

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