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Have a listen to: "All The Way"

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Madus – All The Way

Release Date: 19th May 2015
Itunes: http://apple.co/1ISwFgC

Hailing from Los Angeles, Madus present us with an infectious 5 track EP. I didn’t even know I wanted this band in my life, and after 1 listen to their new EP ‘All The Way‘ – I can’t imagine a world without them! A band that certainly aren’t afraid to push the boat as far as guitar effects are concerned.

The titular track of the EP ‘All The Waystarts with a bang – quite literally on the snare drum. Within 5 seconds you’re immersed in the track, the rhythm explodes into a colossal choppy riff with an equally sharp lead guitar that has fast chords moving into soulful bends. As the verse slows down a little, the instruments are stripped back until it explodes back into the chorus. This track is so much fun, it’ll be going straight into your summer playlist, or (if you have one) a workout playlist.

As far as the lyrical themes are concerned, the band had this to say:

“‘All the Way’ is an observational piece on some of the characters one meets in the entertainment business. Particularly the ones who are looking to make large profits on perfectly packaged artists.”

Every track on this short piece is masterfully crafted. The only downside to this EP is that we don’t get to hear the band explore any different territories other than high-octane alt-rock. Nonetheless, when they give us a beat, it’s accelerated and hard hitting and when a big riff comes, it’s colossal – every melody and vocal hook is memorable.