We’re edging closer and closer to Mammothfest, Brighton’s only out and out Metal festival, and we’re getting hyped. To keep that excitement flowing I have come up with a list of bands I recommend most over the weekend. There is a massive list to choose from, so ignoring most of the big names such as Conan, Textures, Venom INC etc, as they will already be top of pretty much everyone else’s lists, I’ve just gone for a few personal favourites.



Bleed Again

Sunday 2nd October – Rikstock Emerging Artists Stage – The Prince Albert

The Brighton/Worthing metallers played the festival last year, delivering one of my favourite sets of the weekend, so when they got announced for Mammothfest again I couldn’t have been more pleased. Fresh off recording their debut album ‘Momentum’, the quintet look to be showcasing a lot of that new material ahead of the album release. It’s sure to be a banger and their set should have everyone in The Prince Albert banging their heads. Expect a massive wave of NWOAHM style riffs and ferocious vocals.

Check out ‘Icarus’




King Leviathan – taken by Greig Clifford

1st October – Concorde 2 all dayer

King Leviathan are a four piece Blackened Thrash band from Brighton and they are another local act that played Mammothfest in 2015. The quartet absolutely killed it for the festival’s opening slot at The Haunt last year, again one of the most impressive performances of the weekend. This time, they have been bumped up to the prestigious Concorde 2 stage, with a chance to wow a bigger crowd. I have no doubt they will win over a load more fans. King Leviathan are currently in the studio too, and the band have promised to unveil some of their new songs to the crowd, exciting stuff!

Check out ‘The Shrine’




Heart of a Coward

30th September – Technical Metal Stage – The Haunt

While they might be considered on of the biggest bands on the bill, it really is hard to deny how impressive Heart of a Coward have been over the last few years. The Milton Keynes five-piece have stormed the UK with their djent-influenced metal that has arse kicking effects. The quintet has made its name by touring a hell of a lot and putting out some of the most incredible performances that the modern metal scene has seen in recent times. Having shared the stage with some of the elites in metal, including Machine Head in 2014, Heart of a Coward is a mammoth sized pull for the festival and is sure to be a real highlight. They never disappoint.

Check out ‘Hollow’




Magna Carta

Sunday 2nd October – Rikstock Emerging Artists Stage – The Prince Albert

Magna Carta deliver a brand of Party Metal from the south coast and they stick out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of the lineup, much like Seething Akira did last year. But that won’t matter, they are heavy as fuck and fun at the same time. They will unleash crushing riffs matched with awesome melodic synths, and possibly a cover of the Prodigy if we’re lucky. Magna Carta will be one of the most enjoyable sets of the weekend, I have no doubt about that.



Opium Lord promo

Opium Lord

Sunday 2nd October – Stoner/ Doom/ Sludge Stage- The Green Door Store

Opium Lord was based on Noah’s decision to use them as our Have You Heard? band for this week ,so it would be rude to not add them here. In his words, he states, “Opium Lord brings a unique sound to the Doom/Sludge genre combining elements of a wide variety of influences to their sound including Black Metal Opium Lord do a good job at standing out amongst the influx of emerging Doom acts originating from the UK.”.

Check out ‘Pink Mass’





Sunday 2nd October – Rikstock Emerging Artists Stage – The Prince Albert

A couple of years back I had the opportunity to catch Hostile open for Machine Head at the intimate Concorde 2 venue, and they kicked ass doing it. Now they return to Brighton on the emerging artists stage to unleash their brand of heavy metal that emulates 90’s groove metal and the NWOAHM era. Expect high riffs and beats, vicious vocal and awesome fiddly solos. Their album ‘The New World Disorder’ absolutely slays.

Check out ‘All Seeing’



Osiah Promo


1st October – Concorde 2 all dayer

Osiah may have been a replacement band, but holy crap these guys are a hell of a replacement. UK deathcore at its finest, and sure to destroy the Concorde 2 with sheer brutality. Deep as fuck breakdowns, and blast beats to annihilate all ear drums, monstrous vocals that shift from deep growls to high pitch squeals. Shit will go down. Expect a lot of material from their beastly album ‘Terror Firma’, released in June.

check out ‘Street Justice’



Set times for Mammothfest have been announced for the stages, which you can see below







Tickets and more information available at www.mammothfest.uk