Just a few weeks to go until Mammothfest 2017, Brighton’s only out and out metal festival, and we’re getting hyped. To keep that hype flowing I have come up with a list of the top ten bands I recommend most over the weekend, the ones I’m certainly most excited to see!


Confronted – Photo credit: Luke Bateman

Confronted will come at you like a pissed off bull and you are the matador. The crossover hardcore thrashers from Sussex pack the ultimate punch and intensity as frontman Ryan Hull will get all up in your face as he screams and shouts at the top of his lungs. Expect shouting from on top of the bar, expect smashed floor toms, expect the kind of chaos that made The Chariot so popular live. You will be entertained and terrified.


Seething Akira

Seething Akira – Photo credit: Luke Bateman

Seething Akira are infectious party metal at its finest. Following along the same lines as Qemists, Enter Shikari, and Magna Carta, the quintet unload synth rock with an energy that steals shows. Frontmen Charlie Bowes and Kit Cuntrad like to get intimate with the crowd, moshing and dancing around. As seen above, they will be crowdsurfing if the opportunity allows it. Expect a sweaty atmosphere and a crap load of fun.


Bleed Again – Photo credit: Luke Bateman

Bleed Again was on my list last year and it served to be a good choice as they near enough put on the best performance of the weekend, bar possibly Saturday headliners Venom Inc. Since then, the Worthing metallers have released their debut album, ‘Momentum’, which has created a lot of hype in the metal scene. Expect monster riffs, plenty of headbands and shit load of sing alongs as Bleed Again have been bumped up to the main stage of Mammothfest this year.


Core of iO

Core Of iO – Photo credit: Luke Bateman

Core of iO are regular Mammothfest event performers and it’s easy to see why with their array of technical mastery that will leave your brain in a state of “what the fuck am I listening to?“. Expect shit loads of fiddly little riffs and awkward time signatures that make you question your own musical talent. The drum patterns alone could make your brain go berserk. All of this backed by the singing guitarist Bob Tett’s impressive clean singing voice. It’s an impeccable mixture.


Death Remains

Death Remains – Photo credit: Luke Bateman

Death Remains will attack your senses like a punch to the face with the deepest of chugging riffs and monstrous roars, pulling in a variety of “core” influences, from the senselss intense brutality and evil tones of deathcore, the precicion and technicality of metlacore plus the energy and groove of hardcore, they have it all to create the hardest of pits out there.


Vigil band poland


Polish act, Vigil produce a much more mainstream approach with their sound by mixing groove metal and industrial influences. Combining the raw heaviness of bands such Machine Head and Pantera with the mysterious nature of Korn or Marilyn Manson. Vigil will deliver a never-ending onslaught of enticing riffs to make you bang your head.


Negative Measures – Photo credit: Luke Bateman

Negative Measures are the hottest hardcore punk band to come out of Brighton at the moment it seems, and they are even loved enough by the metalheads to pack out their “Mammothfest Presents” performance back in May.  Negative Measures provide technical, yet brutal riffs unleashed with relentless energy, topped off my the most savage of barks from frontman Jack, yet midway though expect a change up as he swaps places with Bassist Hannah, who then provides her own blend of vicious vocal attacks.




Synaptik are one of the progiest bands on the bill, set to deliver a blend of epic metal and technical prowess. from John Knight‘s impressive singing voice, to the outstanding intricate musicianship on show. There will be endless riffage along with a shit load of mind melting solos as they are expected to perform material from their most recent album ‘Justify & Reason’.


Meta-Stasis – Photo credit: Luke Bateman

Meta-Stasis is  probably the most extreme band on my list, who unleash an onslaught of neck breaking grooves with every song. The atmosphere on stage is always rather erratic and incredibly explosive. The time signatures are everywhere and the drumming ranges from double pedal blasts to blast beats and all round mind fucking techniques. They will blow your face off.


Kill all the gentelemen band

Kill All The Gentlemen – Photo credit: Grace Chapman-Duke Photography

Kill All The Gentlemen, once considered law abiding peaceful men, now incarnated unclean, malevolent remnants of the murdered. The Exeter based four piece deliver uncompromising, adrenaline fuelled, blasting “in your face” metal;  blending death metal inluences with the thoughtful and intricate and sometimes melodic songwriting. Your face will be torn off!



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