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Mammothfest presents: Brighton Metal Xmas Party 2016 – featuring, Meta-Stasis plus: Anti-Clone, Hell Puppet, King Leviathan and Vehement

Venue: The Haunt, Brighton, UK.

Date: 16/12/2016

It was a big year for Mammothfest, so after all the hard success the organisers from the festival decided to put on an end of the year party at The Haunt in Brighton. Originally the night was meant to feature American Death Metal Act, Necrophagia but those plan’s fell through. The team also didn’t expect to face was a severe amount of train strikes as no trains from Southern Rail were Running at all, which means most of the trains in an out of Brighton.

In spite of public transport and lineup difficulties, the Mammothfest team stormed on and picked a bunch of old festival favourite’s to lure in a crowd. Extreme Tech – Metaller’s Meta-Stasis headlined the night with support from Anti-Clone and local acts Vehement, King Leviathan and Hell Puppets.

All of the bands on the bill were set to unveil a variety of styles in Metal, providing something for all types of metal fan. The night was hosted by Venom Inc’s one and only “Demolition Man”, Tony Dolan, as he introduced each band before their set and kept the crowd hyped between sets.


After a big successful set at Bloodstock Festival, Eastbourne’s Extreme Black Metal four-piece Vehement returned to Brighton to kick off the night and deliver an evil and dark presence to the crowd. The vocalist provided devil-like growls, which were mixed in with dark and groovy riff work to bang your head to. It was early on into the night, the crowd was half moving and the others were just stood there, on a plus side, Vehement received massive cheers and applause after each song. The Extreme Black Metal Band are set to play Incineration festival next year, and apart from the lack of movement, the response showed they will be worth checking out, and we agree. 

King Leviathan

On next was Blackened Thrash Metal Band, from Brighton, King Leviathan, opening up their set to a bigger crowd than Vehement. Vocalist Adam Sedgwick opened up the crowd with his pure angry vocals and beautiful singing, with the mixture of riffage and mind blowing melodies. Sedgewick’s usual banter kept us all entertained, his offensive nature was funny to witness. There was a lot of headbanging, like a Mexican wave of headbanging, during the last song of worshipping the old gods, there was a wall of death during ‘The Shrine’. The Brighton Lads received a huge roar and applause at the end of their set, the crowd was definitely more hyped and excited now for sure.

Hell Puppets

To keep the crowd moving and flowing, Brighton’s Shock Horror Punk’s, Hell Puppet’s provided us all with a brilliant stage performance and a different kind of sound completely. As Tony Dolan said in his introduction, it was like Slayer meets Sex Pistols. They brought an amazing, chaotic performance, the pits got more brutal and beers were flying. The band unleashed heavy and thrashy riffs, with the vocalist had pure death metal screams mixed with gritty punk style vocals. During the crowd favourite, Drugged Up Shark’ a man came out of nowhere dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts and dressed as a shark, he got the crowd pumped and moving in a more excitable fashion. The shark even joined in the pits. Hell Puppets never fail to impress me.


Nu-Metal/Industrial Metal might be considered dead to some, but to Bostons, UK’s, Anti-Clone that is not the case. They brought their own style mixed with 2000’s Nu-Metal/Industrial Metal sound, they dressed like someone blended Rob Zombie, Mushroomhead, Slipknot and Marilyn Manson together and sound like Korn, Mushroomhead and American Head Charge with heavy bass guitar blended with shouty and heavy vocals with bouncy beats which got the crowd to jump around. The highlight of their set was Adam Sedgwick from King Leviathan joined on stage with Mr Clone for Fear The Machine’, it felt like an iconic moment to see them to sharing the stage and getting the crowd involved. 


To close the night all came down to extreme tech metal outfit, Meta-Stasis, delivering a level of intricacy that could blow your mind. The atmosphere on stage was unbelievable. The mixture of Groove Metal and Tech was perfect, especially with the added layer of scratching from the masked DJ in the corner. The unique style of aggressive sounds enticed a great reaction of cheers from the crowd with a few people moshing around. The pits weren’t as active as they had been for Anti-Clone or Hell Puppets, though. To get a rise from the crowd, the vocalist climbed on top of the speakers to proceeded to shout and bang on them to create more excitement. The last Song provided that extra buzz as the host of the night, Venom Inc’s Tony Dolan took to the stage to play bass for the tech outfit, it was great to see local favourites share a stage with such a legendary influence in metal and it ended the night on a massive high

This was a fantastic evening for UK Metal, showcasing some quite popular bands and other acts proving to be something to take notice of, King Leviathan and Hell Puppets sure grabbed my attention once again with amazing sets. The Mammothfest team never fail to impress and have put on yet another amazing show, even when some of the odds looked to go against them with public transport issues.

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