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Have a listen to: "Still Always On My Mind"

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Masked Intruder – Love And Other Crimes

Release Date: 8th July 2016
Pure Noise Records

On July 8th anonymous four piece Masked Intruder released their 7th EP ‘Love and Other Crimes‘. Having released a well received 2 albums alongside the impressive 7 EPs since 2011, the Madison based, colourfully masked foursome from Wisconsin, USA are no strangers to the pop punk scene.

The quartet, who claim to have met and formed in prison, are made up of four ski mask clad musicians known only as Intruder Blue, Intruder Red, Intruder Green and Intruder Yellow.

This latest offering combines Masked Intruder‘s particular brand of punchy pop punk and sugary melodies with their oddball crime influenced lyrics and a splash of heartbreak angst for the good old days.

The boys lean heavily towards pop rather than punk with catchier hooks and smoother vocal lines more reminiscent of rock boy bands like McFly. It’s not necessarily a criticism but definitely divisive. If you’re a little more old school and hipster about your alternative emo rock (like me) then you might find yourself drifting away from ‘Love and Other Crimes‘. The quality and musicianship are good and it’s clear from the multitude of musical outpouring prior to this EP that the band have developed a distinct style and curated a cult following to match.

With all the above aside, the EP is hardly terrible; ‘Still Always On My Mind‘, track 5 of the EP’s 6 short tracks, pulled me right back in. It’s melodic and a little cheesy, hints at Green Day in parts and just generally feels like a hidden gem in the middle of an otherwise quite standard pop punk release.

For me, it’s just not there, the band are gimmicky wannabe rockers wearing random masks and singing about doing naughty illegal things as if they’re high school bad boys. But their acclaimed albums and successful 7 EPs very much suggest I’m in the minority here – check Masked Intruder out for yourselves and maybe EP number 8 will be for me…

For Fans Of: Green Day, McFly