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Have a listen to: "Tokyo", "Shit Sweat Death" and "The Day We Fell"

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Massive Wagons – Welcome To The World

Release Date: 29th April 2016
Off Yer Rocka Recordings
Purchase: http://www.massivewagons.com/#!store/j39ml

So often within the music industry you are presented with bands and individuals that believe their own hype. They believe they have this innate spark or “X-factor”, probably due to some false sense of self-entitlement that’s fertilised by the dog-shit TV show of the same name. Some people believe they are going to be rock-gods regardless of the factors needed – such as musical talent, hard work, perseverance, the absence of being a complete douchebag and others on top.

The lads in Massive Wagons, a hard-rocking 5-piece from the North-West of England, certainly do their very best to avoid being put in this category. With a mammoth 250 gigs under their belt in the first 3 years of their formation, they have spent many hours becoming a tight-knit live machine, playing anywhere they can and showing that they are no strangers to the graft needed to step up towards the big leagues in the process.

Their most recent studio endeavour has resulted in ‘Welcome To The World’, which is a more polished version of their wild stage persona. Known very much as a band who takes great pride in their live performances (and for good reason), it is always difficult to translate that energy into a recorded format.

Welcome To The World’ opens with ‘Nails’ – this is a good introduction to what this band is about, with massive riffs, massive drums and massive choruses. The intro subsides into a very vocally driven track that seems to have been written to give the audience an opportunity to sing along, and sing along they do.

Next track ‘Tokyo’ bursts into an intro – that wouldn’t be out of place on a Darkness album – and then leads onto a catchy verse and pre chorus, stating “They won’t play us on the radio”, which is perhaps a little ironic as this track is easily the most radio-friendly track on the album, as well as being the lead single currently promoted.

Moving on through the album, the next track that caught my ear was ‘Shit, Sweat, Death’. The country rock slide riff jumps right into a bouncy, overdriven verse that just begs to bounce your head. It quickly became my favourite track of the album and I think it’s the best display of songwriting from Massive Wagons to date.

Bringing us to the end of the album is ‘Fee Fi Fo Fum’, a track that sounds like Andrew WK invaded an Airbourne set. It’s a clear climax to live performance, giving fans an opportunity to rid themselves of any energy they may have left and it’s a good ol’ fashioned rock track, preaching the virtues of drinking and partying while giving the middle finger to “the man”.

All in all, I enjoyed ‘Welcome To The World’ a lot. It had my foot tapping and head bobbing along and I think that existing fans will love it. Massive Wagons don’t re-write any of the rules of rock and roll, but I don’t think they set out to. They seem to be a bunch of mates having a great time making and performing the music they love. They seem to be going for a slightly more slick finish than in their previous efforts, but hey, that’s what you gotta do to get the big gigs and if any band would be at home in a bigger venue then I reckon it would be these guys – expect them to be blowing up your radio sometime soon!

For fans of: Airbourne, Black Stone Cherry, The Darkness