Mastodon have returned with new album details plus the first single from the new record!

The Atlanta four-piece have returned with their first new material since 2014’s ‘Once More Around The Sun’. The new album will be titled ‘Emperor of Sand’ and is the band’s seventh studio album in their discography since they came on the scene in 2001, set for release in March 2017. Not only have the band spoilt us with an album title and artwork, there is also a full track listing for the record and a debut single ‘Sultan’s Curse’ which you can find below.


Here is the track listing for ‘Emperor of Sand’:

  1. Sultan’s Curse
  2. .Show Yourself
  3. Precious Stones
  4.  Steambreather
  5.  Roots Remain
  6. Word To The Wise
  7. Ancient Kingdom
  8. Clandestiny
  9.  Andromeda
  10.  Scorpion Breath
  11. Jaguar God

The album is being produced by famed producer Brendan O’Brien who also produced fan-favourite album ‘Crack The Skye’ (2008) and from the sound of the opening single, it has quite the prog-rock vibe and atmosphere of ‘Crack The Skye‘ but with a bit more of the early Mastodon aggression from the ‘Blood Mountain’ days.

But as guitarist Bill Kelliher describes it in an interview via GuitarMania: “It’s a little bit of the same as the last album, but I think it goes even deeper in certain areas — a couple of more psychedelic parts, a little more technical parts. There are a couple of new places we haven’t gone before. So it’s just kind of a continuation of the last record to me, but even deeper.”

The vocals are dominated by Troy Sanders on the verses and then the bizarre and unique vocal stylings of Brent Hinds take over the chorus; both styles compliment the riffs and instrumentation on the different parts of the songs wonderfully and it’s always apparent that these musicians are masters of their craft.

Hear for yourself here:

I for one, love this single. If it’s a sign of what’s to come on this record, it could be a strong contender for ‘Crack The Skye‘ as my favourite Mastodon record.  Let us know what you think of the new single and how excited you are for the new record in the comments!

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