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Matilda’s Scoundrels – Crowley’s Curse

Release Date: June 10th, 2016
TNS Records

Hastings folk punks Matilda’s Scoundrels have had a busy 2016 so far and it is set to get a lot busier before the end of the year. Having released a split with fellow Hastings punks The Barracks back in January, the Scoundrels will release a couple more tracks as a  7″ vinyl, ‘Crowley’s Curse’.

Not only is this Matilda’s Scoundrels’ third release since March 2015. The Hastings band only formed in 2014 and the boys have been building a solid reputation on the south coast gig scene over the last couple of years. The Scoundrels have begun to bring their sound to festivals and are due to perform at Rebellion, Boomtown and Common Ground festivals so there are plenty of chances for you to check them out.

For this single, Matilda’s Scoundrels go deep into the history of their seaside town in ‘Crowley’s Curse’. The song is dedicated to one of Hastings most infamous residents, Aleister Crowley, otherwise known as The Great Beast. He was notorious for his Satanism and the practice of ‘sex magick’. Crowley died in Hastings on 1 December 1947. The song states that before he died, Crowley cursed Hastings. The curse meant that anyone who has ever lived there will always live there.

Musically the song is more ominous than the rowdy energetic punk that the Scoundrels are known for, but that just emulates the mood of the topic. The Hastings lads still combine that gritty punk attitude with folk atmosphere, Jason Stirling‘s tin whistle melody really sets that creepy tone while the rest of the band rock the track up with energetic drum beats and distorted riffs.  It may be slower than normal, but it’s distinctively Scoundrels and Quinn‘s husky voice is unmistakeable.

The other song on the single has to be mine and most other fans favourite song that Matilda’s Scoundrels perform live. This would be ‘Pissheads Anthem’ and I’m surprised it wasn’t released sooner, it certainly gets the best reaction. It’s simple, a lot faster with has plenty of “Hey!” shouts for drunks to shout. It’s easy to remember as there is one line repeated several times throughout, “Buy me whiskey, buy me beer, Get me drunk as fuck and just leave me here”. A perfect drunk anthem that rivals classic folk-punk tracks like ‘Kiss Me I’m Shitfaced’ by Dropkick Murphy’s and ‘Fuck You I’m Drunk’ by Flogging Molly.

Once again Matilda’s Scoundrels entertain with a punk anthem and show off their more melodic side too. The mix of tone extremes works well, switching from something melodic and ominous to high energy punk and fun vibes is a direction that the lads should continue with.

For fans of: Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphy’s, The Lagan

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