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Have a listen to: "Check Out The Exit" and "Bloodstream"

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Merge – Ineffable

Release Date: 2nd December 2016

Hailing from Paris, France, alt-rockers Merge have toured supporting acts such as Limp Bizkit, Architects, Enter Shikari, Circa Survive and The Used. As of last year, Merge have played more than 150 shows to date!

I am going to start by saying this; this isn’t the sort of genre i would usually dive into but I have much respect for what they do for their genre and I am trying to be much more open minded with the music I listen to. Straight away, I can liken these guys to the new Bring Me The Horizon sound.

Album opener, ‘The Exit already shows that Merge are good at what they do, the track features some calm, melodic riffs and powerful vocals. ‘The Password‘ is a slow paced haunting song with high clean vocals. ‘Soaring and ‘Ineffable‘ are proper Rock anthems, both with chanting vocals that I can definitely imagine a crowd shouting back at a show.

Mirage is a much slower piano track, which demonstrates that this band are capable of blending heavier rock anthems and slower piano ballads into the same album effectively. ‘BloodStream sounds like Don Broco combined with Bring Me The Horizon and this is definitely a stand out track on this album.

The next few tracks keep the alt-rock vibe alive and flowing through this album. ‘Recovery and ‘Face It Now are the two tracks on the album which seem to take a darker, more emotional turn; I got the vibe that bad shit was going down. ‘Face It Now‘ seems to be about overcoming those shit times.

In Details III: Futari No Michi is the instrumental album closer, which you can tell Merge will be using at their future live shows to close their set – I can already picture an epic atmosphere.

This album reminds of me of when Alt-Rock first became big, so Merge seem to be doing a great job of keeping the genre alive. The album does get a little repetitive as a lot of the tracks sound similar but Merge know how to keep you focused – throwing in ballads or darker tracks – to make sure you stick with them until the end of the album.

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