Recently, Empire State melodic metalcore quintet, Hollow Bones announced the self-release of their debut album, ‘Lionheart‘, on May 27th. They’ve since launched a teaser trailer for the impending release featuring audio snippets of various ‘Lionheart‘ tracks.

You can stream the teaser video on YouTube .

Over a year in the making, ‘Lionheart‘ was mixed, mastered and engineered by Randy Pasquarella at Pasquarella Recordings and self-produced by Hollow Bones with Pasquarella‘s assistance.

Hollow Bones comments: “We are incredibly proud to present our debut album ‘Lionheart.’ It took us over a year to get everything we wanted, and although it was a long wait, we couldn’t be happier with the final product. We hope that the passion we put into making this album rings true with people who are looking to find solace in music. We hope that people hear the words we are saying and are inspired to take action, or are relieved in knowing they are not alone and that others have felt the way they do and that there is reprieve. Our mission from the beginning has always been, and will always be, to find people who are as passionate about music as we are about creating it. Promote what you love, and use music to heal.”

Last year, Hollow Bones launched a music video for the first ‘Lionheart‘ single, ‘Drytooth‘.

 Vocalist Patrick Anthony previously told “Thematically [‘DRYTOOTH’] is very dark. I lost my brother in 2007, and the song is really about not being able to move past it. Carrying around the weight of not knowing whether it was an intentional death or not. It is about the hole in your life that someone can leave, regardless of how or why you have lost them. It is about watching someone you love suffer through tremendous depression, and being powerless to do anything.

 “The song ends with my admission that I would have preferred to have taken his place. The song is about hopelessness, anger, frustration, guilt, and longing, and we hope that we have clearly conveyed those feelings, because I think everyone has, or will, lose someone dear to them. I think it is a very relatable subject.”

Lionheart‘ can be pre-ordered now at:

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