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Have a listen to: "Uncharted" and "Moebius Trip"

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Monomyth – EXO

Release Date: 22nd April 2016
Suburban Records
Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/1SvAm4m

Hailing from the The Hague in Holland, c
ontrolling electronic ambience, sweetened up with even more ambience from the guitars and a loose and open rhythm section. Monomyth open their new record with an epic trip with ‘Uncharted’. The song takes you many places and if, like me, you haven’t listened to Monomyth before, within 5 minutes of the near 15 minute track you get what Monomyth are about – atmosphere and creativity. The song remains in the same spectrum for the most part, building on this sense of wonder that the instrumental genre does so well. A lot of the synthesised effects remind me of ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ by Pink Floyd, an absolute timeless masterpiece. ‘Uncharted’ closes it’s last 4 minutes with some heavier guitar parts that blend and contrast the keys behind them. Off to a very strong start, Monomyth distinguish themselves from other bands in the instrumental genre by getting a good balance of light/dark moods.

Surface Crawler’ experiments with different rhythmic patterns on the drums, some slightly more jazz and funk oriented guitar work, whilst still keeping that underlying sci-fi/prog-rock atmosphere.

ET Oasis’ has more of the drone sounds at work with the instruments, whilst the synths simulate Eastern melodies seeping through. ‘LHC’ is where Monomyth take the cosmic theme to a new level with an air of gravitas. The track is probably the easiest to lose yourself in a daydream; it leaves me with this sense of wonder of how 5 individuals can be so locked in creatively. Normally, I’d prefer more guitar work as opposed to the electronic stuff going on in this style of progressive rock, but Monomyth blend the instruments together so seamlessly it’s hard to really care.

The closer for this 5 track wonder, ‘Moebius Trip’ has a slower, rougher feel to it. Heavier bass and drums, more prominent guitar sounds and the general jam aesthetic give this song more of a Stoner Rock feel to it.

EXO is a record that showcases musicians at the height of their creativity and makes for a highly engaging listen through their superior sonic soundscapes. This will be part of my listening staple this Spring, undoubtedly.

For fans ofPink Floyd, Rush, Earthless