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Have a listen to: "Eternally Yours" and "LOUD (Fuck It)"

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Motionless In White – Graveyard Shift

Release Date: 5th May 2017
RoadRunner Records
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/graveyard-shift/id1209133183

Motionless In White is a five piece band hailing from Scranton, Pennsylvania, who have just released their fourth studio album, ‘Graveyard Shift’, a first without their keyboardist Josh Balz, who was replaced by session musician Marie-Christine Allard for the album. This is also their first album released through their new label that they have signed to RoadRunner Records.

Well, what can you expect from Graveyard Shift’ is a sound that blends their first record Creatures’ with a modern industrial rock. With their dark imagery, this can appeal to the old and new Motionless In White fans, there’s even singalongs and gang shout’s that would keep a live crowd happy.

With the first track ‘Rats’ it shows homage to Marilyn Manson‘s shock rock vibe and creepiness in the vocals. and they keep to that style of metalcore and horrorcore flowing. it’s good to see the band are keeping to their roots, but also changing up their game from different song’s like LOUD (Fuck It)’ and Eternally Yours’.

WithLoud (Fuck It)’ they bring add that nu-metal vibe to the mix, with ‘Eternally Yours’ is like combing the favourable elements from the previous albums. What remains is the brutal ferocity as a throwback to the heaviness in ‘Creatures’. especially in Chris Cerulli’s shouts, it’s something that the band has never lost. But they continue to use the catchy chorus hooks we heard on ‘Reincarnate’. ‘Soft’ follows a similar theme, with a more savage approach in the riffwork.

My opinion is that this album isn’t breaking any ground for Motionless In White. It’s nothing new, so they may have to take a step back and think what can they change to keep things fresh. Overall this album is like all three previous albums blended into one, with that alone it’s comforting to hear a band staying somewhat close to their roots.

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