Myles Kennedy, one of rock music’s most acclaimed and distinctive voices, is well known for his work with Alter Bridge, Slash, and the Mayfield Four. On March 9, 2018, Napalm Records will release his highly anticipated, debut solo album ‘Year Of The Tiger‘. The album is available for pre-order in various bundle configurations including gold vinyl and deluxe wooden box set at:

On ‘Year Of The Tiger‘, Kennedy embarks on his first venture as a solo artist by embracing musical elements and influences he hasn’t explored until this point in his career. His appreciation for blues and acoustic-based music can be heard throughout the 12-song concept record inspired by the loss of his father when he was a child.
The multi-instrumentalist played lap steel, mandolin, banjo, and bass in addition to the guitar on the record. This shift in instrumentation helped create a new sonic canvas that some might consider a departure from the high gain wall of sound Kennedy has been associated with. Examples of this can be heard throughout the album, from the hypnotic drone of the title track, to the intricate finger style approach of ‘Haunted By Design‘ and ‘Ghost Of Shangri La‘.

Check out the artwork and tracklisting for ‘Year Of The Tiger‘ below:
Myles Kennedy

1. Year Of The Tiger
2. The Great Beyond
3. Blind Faith
4. Devil On The Wall
5. Ghost of Shangri La
6. Turning Stones
7. Haunted By Design
8. Mother
9. Nothing But A Name
10. Love Can Only Heal
11. Songbird
12. One Fine Day

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