UK’s Neck Deep have premiered a music video for ‘Gold Steps‘ today. This is the second single off their highly anticipated sophomore full-length album ‘Life’s Not Out To Get You‘, which is set to drop on August 14th via Hopeless Records/Unified!

Vocalist Ben Barlow said this of the track: “As soon as you click play, you’re gonna be hit in the face with a riff! We wanted this to be a fun song; we wanted to make people move, to mosh, jump around and scream the lyrics. And in the lyrics I really just wanted to shed some positivity on a somewhat pessimistic scene. I don’t want our fans to be cutting themselves listening to our music – I wanted people to know that life’s not out to get you.

You can watch the video for ‘Gold Steps‘ here:

Neck Deep – ‘Life’s Not Out To Get You’ is out August 14 via Hopeless Records/Unified

1. Citizens Of Earth
2. Threat Level Midnight
3. Can’t Kick Up The Roots
4. Kali Ma
5. Gold Steps
6. Lime St.
7. Serpents
8. The Beach Is For Lovers (Not Lonely Losers)
9. December
10. Smooth Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors
11. I Hope This Comes Back To Haunt You
12. Rock Bottom

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