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Have a listen to: "Mood Swings" and "Losing Sleep"

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Nova Twins – Mood Swings

Release date: 17th November 2017
Listen: https://novatwins.lnk.to/MoodSwingsEp

As someone who doesn’t normally drink anything with caffeine in it, or much sugar for that matter, combining the two is not a great way to relax. I’m sitting here rattling as we speak, well I type, you read. I’m not much for dancing either, there is a strange ‘deer standing up for the first time’ approach to rhythm that I adopt, it does not win me many admirers.

That being said I have been awkwardly moving myself around the room for the last half an hour as I have made my way through the Nova Twins new EP ‘Mood Swings‘.

The title track  ‘Mood Swings kicks off the EP in a raunchy mix of intoxicating rhythm and filthy distortion that I wasn’t expecting but it played right into my weird taste. The chorus is catchy with it’s rhythmic delivery of distorted dirty vocals. Clubs are not a priority for me but with more tracks like this I could be tempted into the sweaty dens of expensive drinks, yelled conversations and bad decisions.

Strange Town‘ continues with the sound that is present in every track, even from their previous releases. Nova Twins know exactly how they want to sound and execute it perfectly. This track has a more chilled out feel about it, despite having a more lively chorus. It is a curious juxtaposition, which means that I have listened to it several times just to get my head around it.

These songs are tremendously catchy, so I have already admitted defeat and decided that Nova Twins will be permanently on my most frequently played list. ‘Losing Sleep‘ is the third track on the EP and one that instantly commands my attention regardless of what else I am supposed to be doing. With a much more raucous and forceful vibe, this track is the highlight of the EP for me. The beat is faster, the words are catchy and if the previous tracks had gotten me into the club, this is the closest you will come to moshing in the same environment.

The closing track ‘Elephant‘ is a much less distorted affair, both on the background music and the vocals throughout the verses. The track builds up towards the first chorus and then back in to the chaotic sounding business as usual. You thought things were winding down and once again find yourself frantically leaping about in a messy haze and clumsily knocking things off any shelf with the misfortune to be nearby.

I can’t be much more complimentary to an EP than saying it instantly made me want to listen to the rest of the band’s back catalogue, which is exactly what happened here. As always I would want to see these guys live, gain the full experience, but for now continuous replays will have to suffice.

Check out the video for title track ‘Mood Swings‘ below:

For fans of: Ho99o9, KO KO MO

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