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Have a listen to: "The World" and "The Lovers"

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OHHMS – The Fool

Release Date: 31st March 2017
Holy Roar Records
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-fool/id1199872246

The Canterbury five-piece have returned with their first full-length record after two well-received EPs –‘Bloom’ from 2014, and ‘Cold’ from 2015. OHHMS have come into their own with this epic and ambitious six-track record released via Holy Roar Records.

‘Shuffle, Cut and Reveal’ is Short, simple and straight to the point. Honestly, this song adds nothing to the album apart from add a little calm before the storm. It’s not until the explosive intro to The Magician’ that the album kicks off. A high-tempo aggressive intro accompanied by slow, sludgy verses with riffs so heavy they could crush diamonds. The bridge of The Magician’ changes the tone somewhat, but the heavy bass breakdown is welcomed and bleeds into a great heavy outro for this eight minute beast of a track.

‘The Hanged Man’ remains simple and effective use of guitars accompanied with some great drum fills in the intro and verses, and dare I say this track has quite a Deftones groove and feel to it, with the exception of singer Paul Waller’s gruff vocal stylings. The clean break with the bass is sweet and simple and leaves you anticipating the next heavy section as ‘The Hanged Man’ incrementally increases the heavy dynamic with each passing section. OHHMS demonstrate interesting song structures and a wide range of emotions to keep you involved, especially with the great riffs around the 07:00 marker that will leave your neck swinging like a pendulum.

‘The World’ switches up the tone with a more hard/post-rock feel to it. But, it still transitions between ranged influences from the ‘to be expected’ style of sludge and doom grooves to some more noise 90s alternative rock sounding guitars. The Lovers’ is the biggest surprise and treat on the album. It’s wonderful and serene, a total 180-degree tonal shift from the rest of the record. Elegant vocals from Paul Waller and guest vocalist Sienna Holihan make for gorgeous harmonies. As the intensity increases and the song crescendos into it’s closing minute, the guitars erupt with distortion majestically. This truly makes for a standout song on this record for me.

‘The Hierophant’ is drone heaven for the opening minutes as a single chord is held with a mastery of tone and control, it’s monotonous but not stagnant. From a production stand point, this is the most impressive and ambitious song on the record. An epic near 22-minute journey as the albums concept and story culminates. As the song develops the riffs and sections aren’t dissimilar to previous songs on the album, but the guitar solo is a great addition.

All in all, for a six-track record, that clocks in at the one hour mark, it is going to be polarising. Not everybody has 20 minutes to invest into one song, or even eight minutes for that matter, and certainly a lot of people aren’t into every musical aspect OHHMS have to offer. But I do implore fans of heavy music and art respectively to give it a chance as this album crosses a few musical borders and really can’t be categorised with sub-genre tags as the list would be endless. If you want to shake things up in your music library and don’t know where to start, OHHMS offer A great album with plenty of different sounds for your aural pleasure, not all of it heavy and melancholy.

For fans of: Conjurer, Bossk, Conan, Pallbearer

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