We’ve picked out our Top 5 videos for June 2017, featuring Boston Manor, Popes Of Chillitown and more. Scroll down to watch some awesome releases from this month…

1) Boston Manor – CU

In anticipation for their return to the U.S. to tour, Boston Manor have debuted their latest video ‘CU’.  The song is from the band’s breakthrough debut album, ‘Be Nothing’, which is out now on Pure Noise Records.

“We shot the video whilst on tour in the US with Moose Blood. It was shot all in one day; we wanted to do something that was a little different to what we normally do with videos. The premise of it was basically a beginners guide to an acid trip. We were in this weird huge guesthouse somewhere in Pennsylvania which the production company had hired for the day. It was a blast!” – Henry Cox (vocals)


2) Raised By Raptors – Release

Kent-based melodic hardcore crew Raised By Raptors are set to break out this year and grab all of our attentions, kickstarting proceedings with their new video single, ‘Release’.

Drummer, Ben Wells, comments on the track.

“Release is a song that we think a lot of people can relate too because the lyrics are based around family feuds/conflicts, and how that can lead to mental health issues. But it also dabbles in the thoughts of people who believe they have authority over you for no good reason but then can’t handle you fighting back or challenging their authority.

For the video, we needed a strong visual element to go along with the track and Seb from Axiom Visuals really helped with that. This single is the first step of releasing a second EP, which will drop at the start of 2018.”


3) Belle Haven – By Hook Or By Crook

Post-hardcore quintet Belle Haven are set to release ‘You, Me and Everything Inbetween‘, their latest album via Greyscale Records and in the build up to the release, the band have revealed the powerful video for ‘By Hook Or By Crook‘.


4) Popes Of Chillitown – 14 Time

The London sextet Popes Of Chillitown can be awesomely described as the bastard love child of Capdown and Skindred, fusing the best of ska punk with some awesome dub and reggae influences, along with a lot of pent up angst.

The band have just revealed their new video ‘14 Time‘, which shows the band dressed up in onesies and features appearances from all of your favourite animated characters!


5) Maid Of Ace – Hollywood Rain

Hastonian punk sisters Maid Of Ace have revealed the entertaining new video for latest single ‘Hollywood Rain‘ which is taken off their second album ‘Maid In England‘. The video was shot by the band’s usual filmmaker, the acclaimed Mark Richards.


So, did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below…