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Syren City – Paradise In The Dirt

Release Date: 24th June 2016
Bandcamp: https://syrencity.bandcamp.com/album/paradise-in-the-dirt

Syren City recently released their second EP ‘Paradise In The Dirt‘. After the success of their last EP ‘Escape‘, the guys knew they were doing something right, and decided to take more risks with this next release; you can read all about their process in our interview with the band.

Paradise In The Dirt‘ is the first chapter of a conceptual thread, with the story behind it being written as a film and graphic novel. Have we got you hooked yet?

The first track, ‘It’s Morphine Time‘ starts off with a fast-paced riff and drum beat. The vocals in this track are a mixture of punk and metal, with the overall feel being a heavy pop-punk track. The track seems to have lots of different rhythms and melodies rather than just following the simple verse, bridge, chorus style of songwriting.

Second track ‘Danielle‘ takes a completely different turn. I feel like ‘Paradise In The Dirt‘ is a really good showcase for the different styles of music that Syren City can pull off. The song is a lot more slow with a haunting, eery vibe and stronger vocal melodies.

The final track on the 2016 effort is ‘10,000 Knives‘. This one is more of a heavy rock track, more similar to ‘Danielle‘ but slightly more fast-paced. I really enjoy the vocal melodies in this track, singer Simon has a fantastic voice. If anything, I kinda wish they just stuck to melodies rather than roars – just as a personal preference – but the variation still works for the songs.

Paradise In The Dirt‘ is a great effort – it’s a shame there isn’t more of it to be honest. It’s great that Syren City have been able to show off so much variation of their talents in just three songs. These are definitely a band to watch out for in the future.

Make sure you catch Syren City on tour this summer!

Paradise In The Dirt


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