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Have a listen to: "Oh George" and "Seafoam Islands"

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Peaness – Are You Sure?

Release Date: 5th May 2017
Alcopop! Records

Charming trio Peaness made their musical debut in 2015 in the form of sugar-coated, self-released EP ‘No Fun’. Now, they make a return to deliver heaps more melody and harmonic vocal arrangements with subsequent five-track EP ‘Are You Sure?’. The Chester girl ensemble take on the task of writing pop infused indie songs about relationship woes, while still having heaps of fun whist doing it.

The record starts off wonderfully with ‘Oh George’, a heartfelt diddy with plenty of charisma and character. It is a commemorative establishment for the group to display what is to come in their sophomore instalment. It contains vibrant melodies in abundance that just shouts out plenty of summer ready vibes. ‘Seafoam Islands’ follows, with plenty of varying tempos and vocal pitches to make the track a dynamic yet gentle roller-coaster.

Halfway through the record, we run into the debut single from the EP ‘Same Place’, which was released back in January of this year. The track feels like a fairly flat addition to the record, as the previous two tracks had much more energy and spirit. The harmonies are well coordinated and its clear both bassist Jessica Branney and guitarist Carleia Balbenta can both sing wonderfully, yet it is a shame that they don’t vary in their pitches in some of the tracks such as this one. There isn’t much diversity with the two vocalists’ voices and they barely have any personalised definition to make their harmonies stand out further.

The EP winds down with final track ‘Ugly Veg’, which was inspired by a critique of wasting food, with the lyrics “I want to cry. What a waste…” Funky guitar progressions and a prominent bass line makes the somewhat earnest subject themes come across as fun and bouncy.

The trio display heaps of potential with ‘Are You Sure?’, yet fall short at times. It may not be one to stick on repeat and obsess over, but it is fun nevertheless. They don’t falter in delivering crowd-pleasing tunes that seem to sell out as quickly as they are released thanks to their fast growing fanbase. It will be good for them to show off their happy-go-lucky style in festival environments, with plenty of opportunities in their diary for this year already (2000 Trees, Truck Festival, Indietracks).

For fans of: Diet Cig, Honeyblood, Muncie Girls

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