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Have a listen to: "Get It Started" and "You Got It"

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Raveneye – Breaking Out 

Release Date: 11th May 2015
Amazon: hyperurl.co/91nn8n

Currently touring with Slash, Miles Kennedy and the Conspirators, Raveneye certainly know how to keep good company. They play a heavily blues influenced brand of rock and roll, with soaring vocals and fuzzy, groovy guitar parts. They instantly remind me of an early Black Stone Cherry combined with the big riffs of Monster Truck.

The fact that they can be invited on tour with rock royalty and still not have a full length record under their belt says more about how they play than I can. They are fronted by Oli Brown, an already accomplished artist in his own right, but don’t think that Raveneye are a band that are happy to stand in the shadows while the frontman takes all the glory. They’re songs are driven by funky drum beats provided by Kev Hickman and the guitar arrangements are filled out excellently by bassist Aaron Spiers, contributing to the huge sound the band has, especially for a three-piece.

Although their debut EP only has five tracks to get your teeth into, it still provides enough of a sample from these very talented guys. It opens with lead single and title track ‘Breaking Out‘ and immediately launches into their signature heavy riffing, backed up by soulful vocals with a slight echo effect to further grow the sound and make this track huge.

Their opening single is not, for me, the best track on this short EP. I am a big fan of track two ‘Get it Started‘. It has a slightly longer build up to the chorus but I love the sleazy vocal styles and the way the song seems to snake its way up the sing-a-long chorus. It’s not enormously complicated musically, but it is very well put together and it’ll have your head nodding by the time it builds to the solo.

Hey Hey Yeah‘ is not a huge departure from the beginning of the album, but I believe it is probably the weakest part of the EP. It lacks the balls (for want of a better phrase) that other tracks have and the chorus comes across as a bit cheesy. Not a terrible track, just a bit too ‘Radio One’ for me.

The next track ‘Runaway‘ also starts on a much lighter note, but the pounding rhythm keeps the whole track on course and Alterbridge-esque choruses help to give the song a lot of drive.

Raveneye end their debut EP by getting back to business, big riffs, floating and catchy choruses and groovy bass lines. ‘You Got It‘ ends the record on a high note and reminds us that these blues-rockers have got plenty to offer. If this is their debut, then I can’t help but think of where they are going to get to in the future. I am very much looking forward to hearing a full length album from these guys where they can explore their range a bit more and show us some more of what they are truly capable of. The EP is great, not perfect, but an excellent teaser of what is to come.