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Have a listen to: "Ghost Town" and "Home"

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Reckless Intentions – Lights

Release Date: 14th July 2017
iTunes: http://apple.co/2uUYHtQ

Reckless Intentions are relative newcomers currently scoping out the Brighton music scene. Formed in 2016 the self-styled ‘energetic pop punk’ four piece have spent time writing, performing and fine tuning their craft as a band. The resulting product is the ‘Lights‘ EP; a 5 track punk-y yet polished offering to their hometown of Brighton and beyond.

Taking influences from a range of artists including All Time Low, Green Day and original punk pioneers The Clash, Reckless Intentions’ EP is both a mix of modern day angst and a throwback to another time. ‘Lights is a real blend of coming of age, complaining and reminiscing. It’s pleasantly vulnerable in places and yet a little immature in others.

Ghost Town‘ is the bands single and it’s truly, irrevocably pop punk. As an EP opener, this track is a real anthem; the sort of track you want playing as you drive home from your 9-5 job with the sun shining and windows down as you desperately try to convince yourself you’re still cool, punk and seventeen at heart.

Final track ‘Home has all the markings of a pop punk classic, a genuine contender for the big leagues. It’s graceful build up from a heavy ballad to riffs, kicks and bulky basslines is brilliant, everything you want from pop punk with suitably melancholic lyrics to match.  Frontman and rhythm guitarist, Matty Halliwell’s vocals are rather unique; an accent hard to place but perfectly suited to the genre.

Lights‘ is the sort of EP you want playing through some tinny speakers as you sit in underage circles drinking cheap cider and bonding over how misunderstood you all are. In short ‘Lights throws me back to being a teenager and I absolutely love it. There’s certainly work to be done for Reckless Intentions; a little bit of tweaking and maturing here and there, perhaps something that will come over time. For now the Brighton based boys have carved a worthy path in front of them, one that, should they continue down will only bring bigger and better things. The route to pop punk greatness is a rocky road traversed by many and completed by few but Reckless Intentions have a far better chance than most up and comers in the heavily saturated South Coast scene and credit to them for pushing to the front of the crowd. Long may it continue!

Check out the video for ‘Ghost Town‘ below:

For fans of: All Time Low, Neck Deep

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