Following the release of all tickets for Boomtown Chapter 9 yesterday, all tier 1 and 2 tickets for the festival sold out in under two hours, and a record breaking 10,000+ tickets in total were snapped up in the first evening of release.

“We’re amazed by how many were logged on and ready to buy tickets as soon as they went on sale and we’re so excited that so many people are already looking forward to next year’s festival! We’ve got some serious plans in place for Chapter 9 in the pipeline and looking forward to sharing them with everyone over the next few months…”

There are still plenty of Tier 3 tickets available, as well as discounted Coach Traveller packages (tier 2 priced festival ticket + coach ticket from one of 10 package locations) and those wanting to pay in instalments can secure their tickets for £40 deposit.

What’s in store for Chapter 9?

Boomtown is known for its ever evolving immersive storyline and Chapter 8 did not disappoint, delivering a showstopping sensation with theatrical takeovers infiltrating every corner of the festival, culminating the the ‘revolutionaries’ bringing down the ‘regime’ and declaring the city now ‘belonged to us’ to bring the power back to the people, Boomtown ended with happy citizens, supposedly free of the tyrant’s reign. However, whispers have begun of what will unfold in Chapter 9: Behind the Mask. Nothing has been announced as yet, but the stage is set to have more twists and turns than ever before and with the structure of Boomtown’s society and economy hangs by in the balance… What secrets will be revealed when the Mask is unveiled?

Check out the Official Chapter 8 After Video to relive, or get a feel for all the antics of Chapter 8. Boomtown also recently released the Lion’s Den documentary showcasing the evolution of the much-loved Trenchtown and Boomtown’s love for all things reggae and its growth from a handful of people in a small tent to one of the biggest reggae stages in the world.

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