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Have a listen to: "Heart Of Gold"

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Red House Glory – Heart of Gold

Release Date: 26th June 2015
iTunes: http://apple.co/1Cko1bz

Having no previous knowledge of this bands existence and not even particularly being a fan of this type of rock – which seems to be indie-rock specifically – Red House Glory from London keep you somewhat interested as you pass through their new EP at a brisk pace with only 3 tracks.

So Easy’ has some interesting drum parts, but at times the bass tends to dominate over the guitars. Whether this was deliberate or not, the track is losing a lot of it’s melody to the low-end. The second track, ‘Reason’ has a decent tempo pushing it, and some nice melodies here and there, but it’s still suffering from that blandness that a lot of Indie rock bands suffer from. EP closer ‘Heart of Gold‘ has easily the best vocal melodies and subtle and soulful guitar hooks and is easily the most stand out track on the EP, and probably the only song I would like to revisit frequently.

The EP itself is mastered and mixed well, which should be common amongst bands recording in the digital era, but at times I wish I could have heard some of the guitar parts a bit better. With some tweaks to the treble and bass on my speakers it helped a little, but maybe next time around don’t shy away from them so much!

All in all, a good effort.