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Rideau – Rideau

Release Date: 1st April 2016

With heart, balls and a whole lot of swagger – and not in the pussy-fart Justin Bieber context – Rideau make an immediate impression with their debut self-titled album. A rock and roll romp with heavy influences from the current Wade MacNeil era of Gallows and Cancer Bats respectively. The album is well worth the time of any fan of hardcore, punk and heavy metal. The band blend raw, gruff vocals provided by Gabriel Öbergs with massive sounding guitars courtesy of Carl Magnus Palms. As described by the band, these are “Songs of ecstasy, emergency and death will shake your soul and ease your mind. So find yourself a quiet place to relax…”

The Stockholm Sweden natives spoil us with a 13 track debut album. Although the songs aren’t the most original in the world. I believe if they can expose this album with quality touring, there could be great things on the horizon for the band, due to this well executed record.

Here’s Rideau‘s latest video for ‘Ecstasy‘:

Check out the tracklisting below:
1 Eye Closure
2 Ecstasy
3 The Bull and the Dove
4 I Guess It’s So
5 Mayday
6 Reverend Bob
7 Stand Still
8 No Air, No Food, No Luck
9 Bloodshot
10 Dvala
11 Shameday
12 An Act of Revolution
13 December