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Have a listen to: "Fosforos"

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Secrets Of The Sky – Pathway

Release Date: 19th May 2015
Metal Blade Records
iTunes: http://apple.co/1Gz788r

Formed in Oakland, CA in 2010, Secrets Of The Sky have developed a very fine tuned sound that moulds together elements of Psychedelic, Progressive, and a generous serving of earth shattering Doom. After success with their first album, and spending time spreading their name in 2013 through till 2015, they return with their latest effort ‘Pathway’ – a highly conceptual record –  dark, atmospheric, and somewhat unorthodox. Out of the 13 tracks on the album, only 6 of these tracks feature what you would expect from a Doom metal band… instruments.

Track 2 is the first actual musical track named ‘Three Swords’, succeeding track one simply named ‘I’. So as ‘I’ ends with waves crashing on the shore and a storm brewin’, at the start of ‘Three Swordsyou hear these waves blend beautifully with the little arpeggio piece that is being played. The track then crescendos into some fairly standard Doom riffs and for the most part the vocals stay relatively clean. The greatest track on the record, though, is by far ‘Fosforos’. It’s an evil track, for sure. Pounding, deep and heavy drums, dissonant guitars and some of the harshest screaming you’ll hear on this record.

The overall quality of this record is almost flawless; the mastering is simply stunning, especially in the filler tracks. It’s a shame that this record didn’t feature more musical tracks, at times it feels like more thought and attention was put into the filler tracks as opposed to the music itself.
The ‘parts’ that fill the gaps between songs do really enhance the record, if you are listening to it front to back. But the songs themselves are not half as progressive as a lot of other bands in their genre. The samples really are meticulous. But as you can imagine with an LP that is filled with more samples than songs, it leaves you wanting more. What Secrets Of The Sky give us is satisfactory, however the big problem I suppose, is how niche this type of record is. They run the risk of alienating listeners that don’t want to listen to samples for half a record. If you are a fan of the Doom genre, then definitely check these guys out as they gather momentum into 2016.