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Have a listen to: "Iceberg Dances" and "Sworn Oath"

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Sepultura – Machine Messiah

Release Date: 13th January 2017
Nuclear Blast Records
iTunes: http://apple.co/2ksrLDf

For over 25 years, Sepultura have shaped metal, bringing a brutal mix of metal, hardcore, thrash, punk and tribal in there sound. There’s an everlasting fan debate over who is the better vocalist for Sepultura; ex vocalist Max Cavalera or Derrick Green?

Derrick Green has been the frontman of Sepultura since Max left in 1997, I think it’s time to stop the debate and give Derrick Green the 20 years he has put into this band, the respect he deserves. The band have recently released their 14th studio album titled ‘Machine Messiah through Nuclear Blast Records. You can tell straight away from looking at the artwork that this album delivers a sociopolitical message.

Straight off the bat, we dive into the first track, ‘Machine Messiah‘. This is a soothing track with calm vocals and powerful riffs. Diving into the next two tracks ‘I Am The Enemy and ‘Phantom Self‘, I am already taking my hat off to Green for his talent and powerful vocals . We all know Max was a fantastic vocalist for the band, but Green kept Sepultura alive and kicking for 20 years – he’s fucking earned my support anyway.

You can appreciate that Andreas Kisser is a talented guitarist just from looking at the range of styles he puts into this album. The next track ‘Athena‘ has tribal style drums to open and killer riffs. ‘Iceberg Dances is a mindblowing instrumental which moulds the album turning it into a work of art. ‘Sworn Oath is the standout track for me; this song just shows how talented Sepultura are; it’s like a journey that you don’t want to end.

The next two tracks keep this album alive and kicking. ‘Vandal’s Nest and ‘Cyber God. The latter delivers a message about society; kids relying on technology more than they need to. ‘Chosen Skin‘ is up next and it’s fast and thrashy.

Ultraseven No Uta is shorter than the previous tracks at just 1 minute 17 seconds. With extremely fast riffs and upbeat vocals, I feel like this track will definitely be used as a show closer. Sepultura are back with Machine Messiah and it doesn’t disappoint.

For Fans Of: Kreator, Pantera, Machine Head.

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