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Have a listen to: "Wait For It" and "CTRL"

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Seven Stories High – Take The Long Road Home

Release Date: 20th May 2016
Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/20fYXZT

Pop-punk band Seven Stories High, hailing from South Wales, have released a brand spanking new EP that is bound to catch the attention of Four Year Strong fans around the country. Formed in 2014, the quartet have shared the stage with some well-known names, such as Moose Blood, Kids Can’t Fly and Decade, causing them to attract a fair number of fans along the way.

The introductory song goes by the name of ‘Intro’ – funnily enough – and whilst it’s only 27 seconds long, it sure packs a punch. The song begins with a clicking noise right before the guitars kick in, causing you to go “what the hell is that?” and is followed by a punky-yet-muffled guitar riff, with broken speech interjecting throughout the track, giving the track a sense of realism. At the end, we hear a band member exclaim “is it upside down?! Fuck!” and the same clicking noise featured at the beginning is heard once again. It suddenly clicked to me that they were treating the song like they were playing the track at a mate’s house on vinyl, which adds a more personal effect to the album; it feels like they’re personally showing it to you as opposed to you just being a listener. ‘Intro’ bears similarity to Neck Deep’s ‘Citizens of Earth’ as both tracks have incorporated humorous vocals into the tracks, leading me to believe that Seven Stories High may have taken some inspiration from their fellow Welsh pop-punkers. The track is so casual it seems as though the band almost didn’t mean to put it on the album, but as soon as the next track ‘CTRL’ begins playing, it’s obvious that the album would not be the same without it.

CTRL’ repeats the punky guitar riff that was heard on the previous track but is far crisper, letting the listener know that the album has really taken off now. The punchy guitars and energetic drums are almost identical to something Four Year Strong or A Day To Remember would put out into the world, and being a huge fan of both bands, I was naturally intrigued to see how well they could execute this style of music. The track exudes high energy in all areas, and the lyrics are so catchy that you’re bound to be singing along with the tune by the end of the track.

The case is certainly the same for ‘That’s No Moon’ and ‘Working For Wednesdays’. The classic pop-punk chants and open chord guitars get your head nodding, your feet tapping and your fists pumping as you get lost in the upbeat vibe of the album. It’s almost as if the band have skimmed through every group in the pop-punk genre, from All Time Low’s uplifting choruses to A Day To Remember’s heavy breakdowns, then compressed it all into one album. This has its cons and pros. It means the band know what they’re doing and can certainly bang out a killer riff, but it also leaves you wondering where you’ve heard the song before. There’s no doubting that the band are very talented and have serious potential, they just need to find something special that separates them from the myriad of other bands they’re competing against in the industry.

This is why ‘Wait For It’ is so important to the album. The melancholy guitars and combination of male and female vocals are spine-shivering worthy, with the overlapping of the two vocals creating an argumentative effect, easily making it the most emotional song on ‘Take The Long Road Home‘. This presents to us that the band have a few more tricks up their sleeve, with the ambient guitars contrasting with the hard-hitting, punchy riffs we’ve heard previously up until this track.

One thing Seven Stories High cannot be faulted for is their energy and enthusiasm. It radiates throughout the whole album, even in the more sombre tracks such as ‘Wait For It’ and ‘Skin Me Alive’. Some of the tracks may be a little generic, but that’s not always necessarily a bad thing. All in all, it’s a fun album and is worth a listen. It’s only a fiver, which is an absolute steal, so what’s stopping you?

For fans of: Four Year Strong, A Day To Remember, You Me At Six, Neck Deep