Okay, you’re right. We do keep giving you Superheroes and UFC. But that is because there is so much awesome shit to get involved with. Who would wanna miss it?


Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice

March see’s the release of Batman v Superman (finally!) after a year long delay that some people maybe weren’t aware of. Basically, Bat-fleck got injured in the first month of filming in 2014 and they had to postpone the release. Originally BvS was supposed to be released the same month as Captain America: Civil War but Warner Bros. Studios changed the date out of either respect or fear of Marvel Studios.

So, here we go, 2013’s Man Of Steel saw Superman destroy about 75% of his home turf – Metropolis much to the fans dismay. Now in 2016 we get to see Batman punch Superman right in his Super jaw, and if you think it won’t hurt him, then you don’t know Batman. Inspired by Frank Miller’s timeless work The Dark Knight Returns, BvS will see an older, more ‘world weary’ Batman, all the meanwhile Superman has to deal with this Dark Knight sociopath branding people with Batarangs in crushing their heads through floorboards (we all saw the last trailer, right?!) so Superman has his own morals to want to take down Batman. Then there’s Wonder Woman, the final piece of the Trinity, an all powerful Amazonian princess raised on Themyscira, an island where no man are allowed.

Sounds like a lot for one movie right? It could work, it could not. There are still cameos in the movie  from Arthur Curry aka Aquaman (played by Game of Thrones Jason Momoa) and Barry Allen aka The Flash (played by Perks of Being a Wallflower’s Ezra Miller), there’s a lot to squeeze into 2 1/2 hours.
One things for sure, whether this movie is good or bad, it’s going to make over 1 billion dollars worldwide just from the to characters names alone! I for one, being a huge comics guy and devote a lot of my time to these shows and movies, I think this movie is gonna be excellent. But, I love Man Of Steel which is not a popular thing to say amongst comic book aficionados.

UFC 196: McGregor vs Diaz

This month brings the return of one of the most exciting fighters in recent memory, Conor McGregor. He was originally scheduled to fight Rafael Dos Anjos for the UFC’s Lightweight belt at 155lbs. However, due to a freak accident in sparring, Dos Anjos suffered a broken foot and was forced to withdraw from the fight at the last minute. At 2 weeks’ notice Nate Diaz has stepped in to fill the void, bringing the weight limit for the fight up to Welterweight (170lbs). Diaz is a Jiu-Jitsu black belt and top-class boxer and may present issues for Conor both on the ground and standing with a reach advantage – something that Conor has not yet had to deal with in the UFC. Nate is no stranger to trash-talking and may yet prove to be a match for McGregor both in the ring and at press conferences. The real question is ‘what’s next for Conor?’ Does this indicate a permanent move to Welterweight? Is Robbie Lawler next on his agenda? Will he abandon the Featherweight belt? Will he still chase the Lightweight title? This is a truly exciting time for MMA and I can’t wait to see the outcome of this fight!

The second main event of the evening is between the woman who de-throned Ronda Rousey as women’s Bantamweight champ, Holly ‘the preacher’s daughter’ Holm. She faces off against Miesha Tate, the only woman to previously provide Rousey with any semblance of a challenge. This fight is a match-up of styles, with Holm’s world class kickboxing squaring off with the relentless, grinding wrestling style of Tate. Meisha will most likely look to get the fight up against the cage where she can eliminate Holm’s superior footwork and striking and bring the fight to her terms. Holm however, is a strong favourite in the fight, following her highlight-reel head kick knockout of the dominant champ.

And these are just the 2 main events!

An exciting evening of fights, only available through PPV, this Saturday 5th March. Find out more on the Official UFC website.

Daredevil: Season 2

Marvels movies aren’t exactly ‘Dark & Gritty’, so if you just can’t STAND another one liner from Tony Stark and want to see more punching and Superhero philosophising, Netflix Daredevil series is the one for you. And, holy fuck, Season 2 is a doozy…

If you didn’t watch Daredevil Season 1 on Netflix, sign up for a month, hell it’s FREE for a month if you haven’t signed up yet. Then sit down and watch Daredevil – I guarantee you, you won’t be disappointed. The level of sophistication and how seriously the showrunners/directors/actors took this TV show, you’ll be shocked at, to the point where you kind of feel like there should be no more movies and every company should follow this storytelling format. It plays like a movie, with 13 x one hour long episodes you definitely feel a beginning, middle and end all paced beautifully. I guess that’s one major advantage of releasing your TV show in one batch; had they released Daredevil weekly I don’t know that it’d have quite the same impact, but it would sure as hell be successful.

If you don’t know the character of Daredevil, Matt Murdock aka Daredevil is a blind lawyer from Hell’s Kitchen, New York. He is the son of Battlin’ Jack Murdock, a boxer from Hell’s Kitchen who was murdered by gangsters after refusing to throw a fight for some fixers. When he was young, Matt Murdock saved an old man from a truck carrying chemicals on the back by pushing the old geezer out of the way, but the chemicals spilled on the street and got caught in Matt’s eyes giving him new heightened senses, much more than a normal blind man’s. Matt can hear, smell and even taste better than any human. He can hear your heartbeat fluctuate when you tell a lie, he can smell the lunch you had on your breath yesterday. But, most importantly. He beats the shit out of criminals, I mean, brutally. Do yourself a favour and watch the Hallway fight from the end of episode 2.
So Season 1 of Daredevil see’s him take on The Kingpin Wilson Fisk. A gangster and crime lord from Hell’s Kitchen who does your usual drug smuggling, gangster type shit, he is trying to build new property in Hell’s Kitchen after the ‘Invasion’ from the Avengers movie – yeah, it ties in with the movies by the way (but don’t expect to see any character cameos),

March see’s the release of Season 2, after Matt ultimately *spoiler* beats Kingpin, he has to deal with a new type of vigilante dealing out his own brand of brutal justice is Hell’s Kitchen – Frank Castle aka The Punisher. In the comics, Franks family were horrifically murdered by the criminals of Hell’s Kitchen. With his intense military prowess, Frank Castle sets about killing off the crime, literally, in Hell’s Kitchen. Daredevil with a moral code of his own – do not kill, has a fight with Punisher, of not only fists, but of ideals. The way Punisher see’s it, when he puts criminals down, they stay down for good, be it with a bullet in the head, throwing them off a building or just pummeling somebody to death with his bare fists. Matt beats up criminals and puts them away in prison, ultimately leaving them to live a life and potentially escape and harm more people. As Punisher says in the trailer “I think you’re a half measure, I think you’re a coward”. Fuck, that’s some intense dialogue.
And just as an extra little tease, season 2 will also feature Elektra, Matt Murdocks badass ex-girlfriend, who just so happens to be of Greek heritage and she’s an assassin/mercenary.

The motives of Daredevil/Punisher aren’t a far cry from the Batman vs Superman plot. Two heroes both with their own sense of justice go head to head in a battle of fists and morals, the main difference being Punisher has no quarrels whatsoever with killing, Batman, Superman and Daredevil very much do. Interestingly enough both BvS and Daredevil take significant inspiration from Frank Millers work on Batman and Daredevil respectively, heck, Elektra was created by Frank Miller!


Killswitch Engage – Incarnate
Incarnate‘ is the upcoming seventh studio album from the metalcore band. Expect big riffs, interesting time signatures in places and in the words of frontman Jesse Leach, “it’s definitely a darker record.”

The album is set for release on 11th March via Roadrunner Records. Pre-order it here.

Qemists – Warrior Sound
Brighton based Qemists are set to release their third studio album ‘Warrior Sound‘ on 4th March via Amazing Record Co. Think rock infused with drum ‘n bass and you can definitely get an idea of what to expect.

Pre-order the album here.