Each month we’ll be bringing you, Shit To Do, where we’ll recommend cool stuff we think you need to know and do, from books to read, films to watch, games to play, festivals and events to go to and more…


Bring Me The Horizon Live At Wembley  (CD/DVD Release)10849834_796551773715303_344096160725177749_n

Bring Me The Horizon put on an incredible show at the end of last year when they headlined Wembley SSE Arena. It was fucking cool. But what’s even cooler is that the band are set to release an exclusive 2x CD/DVD set of the show which is expected to drop this month and you can pre-order your copy now. You know it’s gonna be a good one!

Pre-order your copy here.


Me, Inc. by Gene SimmonsGene Simmons Book Signing For "Me Inc."

Me, Inc. delivers brutally honest business advice from the KISS demon, Gene Simmons, and whether you’re a fan of him or not, this book is undoubtedly a great read. I think Gene actually let’s down the arrogant rock star persona and focuses more on life itself and how you too can be successful with the right attitude and work ethic. Surprisingly he doesn’t talk that much about KISS but more gives advice and tips on what he’s learnt in life.

Pick up your copy here.


Dying Light (Available on xBox One and PS4)fa043bc366d06ee93f810449da91d53549c87685.jpg__620x349_q85_crop_upscale

Dying Light is a First-Person, open world, zombie survival paradise packed with free running, an RPG levelling system and a huge arsenal of weapons to dispatch the undead. If you are a fan of Techland’s older title Dead Island, but found it lacking in exploration and survival, then Dying Light will fill that void that the previous game just couldn’t fill. Although firearms are featured, Dying Light’s combat focuses more around melee weapons which it executes remarkably well. Every hit, slice and thump gives you immediate satisfaction as you break a bandits leg or behead a shambling ghoul. Fear will start to grip you when night draws in as zombies become more powerful and some mutate into parkour experts who will rip open your chest before you have time turn on your torch. Dying Light is a must have for the true zombie survivor.

Pick up your copy here.


Voodoo Rock London10622717_10153155067929494_686456441205795870_n

Who doesn’t like a good night out? Voodoo Rock London offer you, in our opinion, the best alternative club night going. Held every last Friday night of the month and running from 10pm-6am in Torrens Street just behind Angel tube station, the night is always one to remember. This month they’ve got some of the UK’s best tribute acts playing. It’s gonna be mayhem with live music from Knotslip (Slipknot), Really Hot Chilly Peppers (RHCP), South of Heaven (Slayer), Surreal Panther (Steel Panthers), Tonedefs (Deftones), 182-Blink (Blink 182) and Dookie (Green Day) tribute bands and there’s also a bouncy castle, a ball pit, karaoke, free face paint, BBQ, cinema and more. This one should sell out quick so grab your tickets now!

Tickets available here.