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Skaciety – Overstaying Our Welcome

Release Date: 1st January 2018
Bad Granola Records
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/overstaying-our-welcome/1330241836
Bandcamp: https://badgranola.bandcamp.com/album/overstaying-our-welcome

Kent-based ska-punks, Skaciety, have been somewhat of a hot prospect in the ska and punk scene over the last couple of years, sharing stages with the likes of Millie Manders and Popes of Chillitown along with playing the highly popular Devil Kicks Dancehall at Boomtown Fair. There was some extra hype around Skaciety when the single for ‘Wait’ was unveiled Spring last year, however, we’ve had to wait until very early in 2018 to finally hear the finished second album, ‘Overstaying Our Welcome’, recorded by Dave Chang (Capdown/Lightyear) and Mastered by Jason Livermore (NOFX/Descendents)

I’ll start off by saying the sound quality is so much stronger than it was for 2015 album, ‘For Your Age’, the demo quality approach has been left behind for a much crisper sound for ‘Overstaying Our Welcome’. Musically, Skaciety pack as much punch as always right from the start with ‘No Hope For The Future’, which is laced with crunchy riffs and infectious brass melodies. Aiden Lamb‘s voice sounds less pubescent in the verses than it did on ‘For Your Age’, the singing is so much better. Counteracting the distorted hooks is the funky upstroke rhythms, it’s a track that nicely blends the urges to rock out and skank around, plus sing along to the inviting whooooaaaa chants. The opener cleverly leads directly into ‘Times Have Changed’ with a steady beat that breaks off into ear-pricking brass melodies. It’s incredibly catchy, and the same can be said for vocal hooks.

‘Wait’ follows up as possibly the best Skaciety song I’ve heard to date. It was one of my favourite singles of 2017, and the snappy chorus on top of pulsing brass just makes it a very memorable track. I feel similar about ‘Yesterday’s News’, however, the major key makes the atmosphere feel much chirpier in sound. As for another song we’ve heard before, ‘Step Back (Take A Look Around)’ is perhaps my only disappointment on the release. The re-recorded version lacks the featured vocals of Laila K from Sonic Boom Six, and I just feel the backup vocals don’t have same attention-grabbing value as the version with Laila. The song is still pretty awesome though.

‘Live This Way’ is perhaps the surprise on the album, it’s far riffier and alt-rock driven than any other track I’ve heard from Skaciety. The brass is there and it still stands out, but the almost punkabilly styled fretwork just piques your interest more. It has some oomph and that energy is pushed on into follow up track ‘Not Wait’, the shortest song on the release, which is less of a ska song and more of a skate punk track with some horn elements to it. Up-tempo and designed to get the circle pits going. ‘See You Around’ caught my attention for the less than positive lyricism, “Goodbye old friend, I’ll see you around” suggests the topic is about someone who is no longer with us. This is highly speculative, but my guess is this is about former Pisdicables keyboardist, Mike Crampton who sadly lost his life in 2017.

I was excited to hear this album, but I don’t think I was expecting one this good. The energy is high, the mood is pretty fun throughout, with the main variety in whether you want to start a pit or skank. The brass is ever so infectious that you can’t help but hum along. The ska is there, but in a similar way to Ghouls over the last couple of albums, these are punk/pop-punk songs with brass; with that, it feels more riffy as a whole than full of upstroke rhythms. This is a step up from Skaciety in terms of songwriting and delivery, these songs are just a lot more enjoyable to listen to, which is saying a lot considering I loved ‘For Your Age’.

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