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While She Sleeps plus In Hearts Wake and Fizzy Blood

Date: 25th April 2017

Venue: Concorde 2, Brighton

Just days following the release of their third album, ‘You Are We’, Sheffield metallers, While She Sleeps headed to the south coast city of Brighton as part of their extensive tour around the UK. What made this occasion more special was that the iconic Concorde 2 was sold out weeks before the show. This was incredible, considering that two London shows were sold out on this tour, too.

Kicking the night off was Leeds-based alt-rockers, Fizzy Blood, who were rather different to the metalcore persuasion of the rest of the lineup. The Leeds lads kicked off with a catchy little number, lots of funky riffs and bass rhythms topped off by infectious “la la la” singing. It was a fun start that gradually progressed into something heavier throughout the set.

A lot of it reminded me of what a mixture of Muse and Royal Blood might sound like, mostly due to the deep and distorted baselines and captivating grooving riffs. It was highly talented, but most of it fell flat on the audience. The odd few were enthusiastic and raised their metal horns when provoked, some pits did start too, but for the majority of the performance, the relationship between the crowd and the band felt dead. I just think this was the wrong crowd for them. (6.5)

It was however completely right for Aussie metalcore band, In Hearts Wake, who had the crowd bouncing from the get go with their crushing breakdowns and monstrous vocals to opening song ‘Refuge’. Large mosh pits opened instantly. Weirdly enough the cleans were disappointingly off key for half the set, it was like the backing vocals needed some warming up. We were treated to a new song by the name of ‘Warcry’, it had a decent response in the form of a mass clap along. Though the real highlight came when Chester, the inflatable crocodile came out for the frontman, Jake Taylor to crowd surf on during ‘Survival (The Chariot)’. It was highly amusing to watch. ‘Divine’ had the mass sing-alongs, especially during the a cappella segment; the whole crowd sang “We Are Divine“. This set was much better than the first, the audience was far more responsive. Singing, shouting and moshing throughout. (8)

It was time for the main event, and the crowd was buzzing before the band even hit the stage. Chants of “Sleeps” rang around the venue. That then changed to “You Are We” in tribute of the new album. It wasn’t long until that very song opened the set, in which the audience was electric. Louder singing than during In Heart’s Wake and the now very packed out crowd seemed to jump off the floor with more intent. The clap along during ‘Civil Isolation’ was just as epic. Musically, While She Sleeps were incredibly hard-hitting, the drumming especially as it was felt through the floor. The breakdowns were brutal and Loz Taylor‘s throaty shouts were as passionate as ever.

The majority of the set was filled with new material and I felt that this was a downside to the show. The reactions from the crowd were great for each song, but for a set to be dominated by material from an album released a few day prior to the show felt like overkill. I certainly would have expected more than two songs from ‘This Is The Six’. Nevertheless, this was a fantastic performance from the Sheffield crew and they had a very rowdy crowd eating out of the palm of their hands. It was true showmanship and I can only expect the next time they play Brighton will be a bigger venue, such as The Dome. (9)