Sheffield metalcore outfit While She Sleeps hasn’t wasted any time in writing new material to follow up from their 2015 album, ‘Brainwashed’.

Yesterday the band released ‘Civil Isolation’, their first single since ‘Brainwashed’. The song was unveiled as a lyric video showing what looks like band’s five members sat around a fire which overlooks a city skyline at night.

Check out the video below:

Along with the video came the following statement from the band.

“Before we began writing the new album, we decided to create an environment where we could express ourselves and explore new ideas without feeling trapped or confined by rules, regulations or deadlines. We transformed an old warehouse in the industrial heart of Sheffield into our new home. This song encompasses our views and experiences, breaking from the conventional model and creating a new ideology that works for us. This is something we’re all capable of, boundaries are created to be broken.” – While She Sleeps

More news is expected to coming on the 12th of September.

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