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Slipknot – Day of the Gusano

Release Date: 20th October 2017

It’s been a while, but Slipknot has returned with a live DVD following the same kind of trend that we’ve seen with ‘Disasterpieces’ and ‘(sic)nesses’. ‘Day of the Gusano’ sees Slipknot play in Mexico for the first time in sixteen years at their own festival Knotfest; Gusano itself is the Spanish word for ‘maggots’, which is the iconic term for Slipknot fans.

This DVD would be the first since the death of the beloved long-term bassist and founding member, Paul Gray, but also since the departure of another founding member, drummer Joey Jordison. ‘Day of the Gusano’ gives fans the chance to see the new drummer, Jay Weinfeld and bassist, Alessandro Venturella perform up close and personal.

So, if you’ve seen ‘Disasterpieces’ and ‘(sic)nesses’, the concept of ‘Day of the Gusano’ is exactly the same. We get to see “The Nine” perform as full throttle as they always do, perhaps this time flaunting a more elaborate stage setup than usual; one that looks like a carnival, showcasing how much more Slipknot really has grown in the last eight years since they first headlned the iconic Download Festival.

Songwise, we get a lot of the usual regulars, classics and a few surprises that make you go “OH WOW”. Though, considering this is the first time in a decade and a half since Slipknot last played Mexico, hearing some old rarities is a little less surprising. It’s heart-warming to see the likes of ‘Me Inside’ and ‘Metabolic’ still performed all these years later.

We get the usual hard hitters, ‘Heretic Anthem’, ‘People=Shit’, ‘Devil In I‘, etc that caused fans to unleash their rage; opening pits and bouncing hard. The sing-alongs for ‘Duality’ and ‘Psychosocial’ will make the hairs on your arms stand on end.

Along with the heavier numbers, Slipknot knows how to shift the tone by performing their creepier hits ‘Prosthetics’ and ‘Vermillion’. Of course, they have their heavy moments, but the atmosphere is completely different to the regular violent affair

‘Spit It Out’ is without a doubt the highlight of any Slipknot gig, and this was the first time ever in Mexico that the Iowa act has done the “Zero Bullshit” moment of getting the crowd to crouch down and “jump the fuck up”. It was a timid process at first, not everyone knew what was going on, but once the moment hit, the view of a sea of Mexicans jumping up was pretty epic to witness as always.

This was a show that a lot of us will feel gutted we weren’t at; the setlist was a pretty perfect balance of old and new tracks, the performance seemed pretty damn good too. The pyro effects have vastly improved since ‘(sic)nesses’. The stage show is still incredibly entertaining and with the added cameras you get to see a lot that you wouldn’t have if you was in the crowd; such as band DJ, Sid Wilson, dancing around and close-ups of his scratching. You get to see Clown hump his bat before he hits the metal barrel in ‘Duality’, it’s the added quirks that make you want to see these shows over and over because you’ll likely miss them the first time

‘Day of the Gusano’ is a fine addition to the DVD collection that Slipknot have released over the years, showing that “The Nine” is still a well-oiled machine after the unfortunate circumstances the band has faced between 2010 and 2014. Well worth a watch for any maggot, it will definitely fill the older fans with a wave of nostalgia.

Full Setlist

  1. Sarcastrophe
  2. The Heretic Anthem
  3. Psychosocial
  4. The Devil In I
  5. Me Inside
  6. Vermillion
  7. Wait & Bleed
  8. Prosthetics
  9. Before I Forget
  10. Eeyore
  11. Duality
  12. Custer
  13. Spit It Out
  14. Metabolic
  15. 742617000027 (encore set up)
  16. (sic)
  17. People = Shit
  18. Surfacing

Check out this clip of Before I Forget from the DVD

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