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Stone Hand – Misery Speaks

Release Date: 7th November 2017
Southern Hospitality Records
Bandcamp: https://stonehandgroove.bandcamp.com/releases

The Brighton hardcore scene is ever so fluctuant, always up and down, bands come and go like no tomorrow, you blink and some of your favourite acts have already called it a day. Introducing, Stone Hand, the newest Brighton groove act to grab my attention, featuring Connor Cottrell, formely of Put Down. Stone Hand has featured on several strong lineups across 2017, sharing stages with the likes of Grove Street Families, Tempers Fray and Splitknuckle, but it’s their initial release, ‘Misery Speaks’ that has pricked my ears.

What you can expect from this five-piece is a raw blend of hardcore with various ranges of metal and metalcore, throwing in the groove and brutish attitude of the likes of Tempers Fray, but combining it with the shredding nature of Killswitch Engage and Lamb of God.

‘Death’s Toll’ kicks the EP off with fiddly guitar leads that just scream of Adam D style fretwork. Yet that groove becomes more eratic as soon as Cottrell‘s monstrous roars kick in. Like KsE were suddenly combined with Every Time I Die. However, midway through we get those two-step inviting grooves.

‘Denial’ pummels your ears from the start with double pedal blasts and pure shredding riffage, it’s a pure thrashy crossover number, full of intensity and bound to start pits. ‘Misery Speaks’ is more like a Lamb Of God esque ass kicker, from the bluesy leads and quirky guitar whines, to the crunchiest of riffs, and the most ferocious of throat tearing shouts. it’s right out of the ‘As The Palaces Burn’ playbook. ‘Nailed’ then takes a similar approach, but with a riff that reminds me of very early Mastodon, the grooving rhythm is killer, and Cottrell‘s vocal range just gets more beastly as the song progresses. Final track, ‘Blamed’ is a full on 90s groove metal, it reaks of Pantera, musically, featuring the type of riffs that influenced the likes of Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage and everyone else from the NWOAHM movement in the mid 2000s. It’s stripped back so much, with real raw, grittier edge to edge to it, giving a proper basement show vibe to it

This is a solid debut EP from the Brighton lads, a lot more “metal” than I was expecting based on previous acts. It’s just heavy, full of awesome riffs to bang your head to and to opens pits with. The 90s groove mixed with thrashy crossover is not a combination I hear too often, but Stone Hand pull it off sublimely. Well worth sinking your teeth into and listening on repeat.

For fans of Tempers Fray, Broken Teeth, Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God

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