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Have a listen to: 'Constant Delicious' and 'Amazia'

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Super Luxury – Ten Solid Years Of Applause
Release Date:
23rd March 2015
British Wildlife Records
Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/1IGd7hJ

In all my time as a music fan I have found that some bands have to be experienced live, in front of you, in a room full of sweaty lunatics jumping all over each other. That energy does not translate well to any recording. I believe that Super Luxury are one of those bands.

Describing themselves as ‘classic noise rock in the key of party’ they deliver extremely high energy tracks with (often repetitive) guitar hooks.
The album begins with ‘1.25 Meters‘ that lurches into a slow, meandering, Sabbath-esque riff that is repeated throughout the entirety of the track. In contrast ‘Constant Delicious‘ begins with a jap-pop style guitar hook and is accompanied by hardcore style vocals (think Gallow’s former vocalist Frank Carter) screaming at full pelt. The accompanying drum beat certainly builds the energy and I can see this being a fan favourite at live shows as it builds to an explosive crescendo.

The beginning of ‘Golden Climbing is actually difficult to listen to. Now I don’t know if this is a deliberate attempt at a punk-rock middle finger to conformity or whether they believe it is a collaboration of musical ideas that fulfill some sort of artistic vision, but I can’t honestly say that putting 1 minute of unintelligible noise at the start of a nearly 5 minute track isn’t something that put me off. When the track gets going it has some decent riffs and takes a much darker tone than a lot of the others.

Amazia‘ is a stand out track for me. It has some great moments and some very cool guitar parts. It’s just a shame that it cuts off just as the track seems to gain momentum. I understand the concept of leaving people wanting more, but it helps to actually deliver that at some point. It’s followed by another 2 minute track ‘Hyperhidrosis that attempts to continue the fury that was begun in the previous track, but just seems to sit at one level and doesn’t really deliver the pay-off I was hoping for.

The album concludes with ‘Crunchy Boy‘, a fuzz-filled, distortion-heavy pounding track that seems to either descend into white noise and feedback or has just completely destroyed my hearing. These guys certainly don’t do subtle.

Overall the album seems to have grown on me. Upon first listen I struggled to hear anything I liked at all to be honest. However after a few times around, I’ve decided that I really like a lot of the guitar parts. There are some great ideas in the album, just not enough to stretch over 11 tracks. I like the pace of the album; it has a good mix of high pace thrash/punk style tracks intertwined with sludgy droning ones. I really enjoy the tension that the album builds, some tracks feel like something Quentin Tarantino would put in a film just as the main character snaps and tears someone’s face off (or something equally grim).

However, this isn’t for everyone. While the tracks on the album have different characters, the riffs are extremely repetitive and I find the guitar hooks very grating. While on the subject of guitar, I believe the tones do not do them justice. So much clarity is lost in the pursuit of ‘noise-rock’ that it makes the guitars sound like they are just being hammered at instead of played. And finally, my biggest issue with this album is the recording quality. I understand that not all bands have the resources to go to a big name recording studio for a month and get each part dialled in perfectly, but nowadays a home recording rig can give outstanding results. Seriously guys, some of the album sounds like it was recorded in your bloody shed, sort it out.

So while I really enjoyed parts of the album and it is extremely passionate, the quality and repetitive nature of it really put me off. As I said in the beginning, I feel like the high energy would translate really well to a live venue. If I ever get the opportunity to go to a live gig in a sweaty club I am well prepared to eat my words and jump around like a mad bastard with the rest of them, but this album did not capture that atmosphere.