Manchester hardcore outfit Survival have been playing the odd show here and the over the last few months as a run of last shows, but tonight it was announced their final ever performance will be at Outbreak Fest this year at Canal Mills in Leeds. The band made a small simple statement on social media. “May 8th we will play our final set at Outbreak Fest. Let’s make it one to remember”

The festival organisers also added this to the their announcement :

“We have also just added xRepentancex, Renounced, INSIST, Revulsion, MERCY, ADJUST, and two great new bands REFLECT and Frame Of Mind. Still more to come and well over half of all tickets have now been sold. UKHC4EVER.”

These bands will join the likes of the returning hardcore favourites Trapped Under Ice, who are playing this festival as a UK exclusive. As well as hardcore titans Terror, the reunions of Dirty Money and Dead Swans plus Incendiary‘s first show in the UK since 2013 and Higher Power.

The full lineup looks like this so far


The festival will be spread over 2 weekends due to fitting around the commitments of certain acts, Part one on Saturday 30th April, and Part 2 on Sunday 8th May

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