Sylosis have unveiled a brand new track titled ‘Different Masks On The Same Face‘.

The song is the first new material since 2015’s acclaimed album ‘Dormant Heart’ it’s also the first recording to feature new drummer Ali Richardson and it sounds intense, listen here:

Comments vocalist and guitarist Josh Middleton: “The track was sort of leftover from the Dormant Heart writing period. It’s a little bit different for us and isn’t necessarily a new direction we’re heading in by any means. We figured instead of that track going to waste that we would release it as a kind of one-off single. For me it’s one of the heaviest songs we’ve done. It’s got a sort of punky black metal vibe to it. Really dark and aggressive sounding. It’s really straight to the point and ended up being the shortest song we’ve ever released but it’s still a riff fest. The title of the track came from watching hours of David Icke lectures last summer!” 

The UK will soon be treated to an onslaught of heavy metal technical prowess as two of the genre’s finest bands; Sylosis and Decapitated embark on a co-headline tour of blasting drum beats, complex bass lines, shredding riffs and drilling death metal vocals.

Sylosis frontman Josh Middleton comments on the upcoming tour:
“We’re extremely excited about this tour. It’s great to finally be playing a full length set for our very patient UK fans! With this package I think it’s really worth the wait. We’ve been huge Decapitated fans since the time Nihility came out so just getting to watch them every night is going to be awesome.” 

Decapitated vocalist Rasta states of the upcoming tour with label mates Sylosis:
“We are very pleased to announce our return to the United Kingdom in a co-headlining act with Sylosis! After some great and unforgettable memories from last time, we simply can’t wait to see our UK fans again!!!”  

Guitarist Vogg adds:“’I’ve said it many times before and I must say it again, WE LOVE TO PLAY IN THE UK. After the last two tours with Lamb of God and Behemoth, it’s now time to finally play a full set for you guys. We’re visiting 10 cities across the country. Also we feel really pleased to share the stage with Sylosis who are a wicked band. Check out the dates and we will see you on the road!”.


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