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Have a listen to 'Il Tempo'


Talco – Silent Town

UK release Date: September 16th, 2016

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‘Silent Town’ by Italian ska outfit Talco went under a lot of our radars on its initial release last year, but luckily for us, the Italians are re-releasing the album in the UK to give it a wider audience. It is a concept album which brings together an astonishing breadth of work by closing the trilogy of musical, political and social commentary that started with previous releases ‘La Cretina Comedia’ and ‘Gran Galà’. One thing that might hold you back from realising that is all the lyrics are in Italian.

Not really understanding the lyrics aside, one thing you will realise is the incredibly fun nature of Talco right from the start with album opener ‘Il Tempo’. The Italians blend a mixture of high tempo ska-punk and folk music. The infectious brass melodies at the beginning of the song put a huge smile on your face as the fast riffs and beats support the incredible energy unleashed.

This is a trend that continues with nearly every song. They all deliver a mood to get you dancing around to the chirpy rhythms, the atmosphere is so positive musically. It’s reminiscent to the likes of Streetlight Manifesto and Ska-P in terms of how happy these songs sound. We dare you not to sing along to the ‘NA NA NA’ sections. It helps in terms of hooking the listener in with these captivating melodies because without understanding the rest of the lyrics, it’s hard to get attached to the songs and their true  meanings. But having such a hooking brass section, it’s easy to sing along to the melodies.

While all of this is a plus, it is also a negative. After a while hearing the same sort of song gets a little tiring four songs in. ‘Rotolando’ mixes things up by throwing an accordion into the dynamic for a happy little instrumental interlude. ‘Silent Town’ the title track, while I sadly don’t know what is being said, it sounds rather epic and anthemic compared to the others so far. The chorus is really uplifting musically and the gang vocals repeated give the song an important vibe. The same can be said for ‘Dalla Pallida Miro’, which has another really powerful chorus.

Rarely does this album slow down, and rarely does it drop the intensity in delivery. ‘Ovunque’ is the big exception as easily the most toned down song on the album, the riffs and beats are slower. The brass melodies are less impactful but are still entrancing. It’s more of a soothing song musically. One to make a crowd sway.

Musically this is such a beautiful album. While not understanding the lyrics does hold me back from truly getting into the brain of Talco‘s songs, the brass is certainly the most hooking feature in the Italians songs. It shines above everything else and it’s so fun and enjoyable to listen to. While I’m not sure if I’d listen to this album the whole way through on a regular basis unless it’s for background music, each song is great in its own right. Not a single song lets the album down, so in a sense, there are no filler tracks on ‘Silent Town’.

For fans of: Ska-P, Streetlight Manifesto, Less Than Jake, Catch 22

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